Time Capsule Opened Prematurely, Robert Downey Jr. Robbed; Fans and Friends Cheated

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Time capsule buried in their Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood that was to be opened in 2017 was opened prematurely in 2012 for a fundraiser. RDowneyFeathers feels that fans and friends of the group were cheated.

Just over ten years ago on April 5, 2002 a Time Capsule was buried at the Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood, California with then owner Charlie Lustman. A story about time capsules buried in Southern California was carried in the Los Angeles Magazine, November 2003 issue.

The Time Capsule was dedicated to Robert Downey, Jr. and was to be open 15 years later in April of 2017 by the group called RDowneyFeathers. It contained articles about Mr. Downey, and artifacts of his career and successes.

Sadly, the Time Capsule was open prematurely by the Cinefamily group at a recent fundraiser December 2012 based on the LAWeekly article issued December 13, 2012 and IMDB article. As stated in these articles Cinefamily claimed an unknown source buried the capsule. However, in the original articles cited they clearly state that there was the plaque on the wall at the theater and a plaque on the time capsule stating the group who buried it and it that was dedicated to Robert Downey, Jr. They also knew it was to be opened in 2017. They contacted Downey through his son, Indio, and told him that they found an unknown time capsule with little to no information about it. Downey agreed to come and see what it was all about, somewhat hoping it held items from the Chaplin estate as he clearly stated during the TV telethon (a link to the Youtube TV Telethon clip is below).

Included in the Time Capsule were some tributes to Charlie Chaplin as well and letters from those friends and fans that stood by him when he was confronting his recovery. The contents of the Time Capsule were designed to reflect on how far he had come and how this extraordinary group of people always believed he would be where he is today.

The group called themselves the “RDowney Feathers” and grew out of another group that was known as “The Last Party,” in 1999. The Feathers, as they fondly call themselves, were made up of industry friends, family and fans from around the world.

The Feathers were an on-line proactive group that located articles and news stories that shed a bad light on addiction and of Mr. Downey’s recovery. The group would then write to the stations or newspapers and ask for corrections to be made. They also pleaded for the media to educate people on the recovery process. The group was extremely successful with many news stations that started airing the topic, gaining retractions for poor reporting, and Newsweek Magazine dedicated a full issue to the topic on rehab in their February 12, 2001 issue.

In addition, the Feathers wrote to political figures supporting rehab legislation, to the Honorable Judge White who heard Mr. Downey’s case in Riverside asking for leniency, along with sending out a barrage of letters to political decision-makers when it became clear that Mr. Downey sentence was incorrectly calculated and he had spent too much time in prison. They stopped at no one, even writing President Bill Clinton asking for help.

“The people who made up the feathers group dedicated themselves on many different levels than just being there during the rough times. One of the many things we did was to raise money to purchase trees, plant them and create a Downey Grove right off of Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles, near the Tree Peoples’ Torrey Pines portion of the park. 15 trees were planted in his honor that day. It was a symbol of growth,” states C. K. Gold, owner of the chat site.

Gold goes on to say “I just want to make sure that those who did participate in the Time Capsule from other countries and other states who had plans of being there at its 2017 opening, know that it has already been open without any of us present.”

When asked how she found out about the early unveiling of the capsule Gold stated "Accidentally while recently on line looking for our old press release. There are a few videos on the internet of the opening of the Capsule. For us, the videos are sad to watch. A few of our dear friends who contributed to the capsule have passed away- Joyce and Moogy. It is a shame that Downey did not get their items from the time capsule.

Another Feather, Ethan Thomas added, “This group became so close that people met on line, got married and had children. One of Robert’s close friends was a part of that Time Capsule and unfortunately he passed away before it was opened. That could have been explained to Downey, but we were never given the chance. We feel cheated. Downey was robbed.”

“It took the group a long time to put together the memorable Time Capsule,” claims Melissa G. a member of the RDowney Feathers. “The Feathers we feel disrespected. The [Time] Capsule was to be opened with all parties involved; now Mr. Downey does not have a true account or explanation of the items contained in it.”

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About the R Downey Feathers: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/RDowneyFeathers click here to visit RDowneyFeathers

Video of the opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS90ZSy5G1s

About the Time Capsule being buried: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2002/3/prweb35254.html

LA WEEKLY article: http://www.laweekly.com/2012-12-13/film-tv/cinefamily-s-telethon-will-include-robert-downey-jr-digging-up-a-time-capsule-and-more/full/

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