Center for Auto Safety Admits Grave Concerns Over Safety of Children in Jeeps After Chrysler Refuses Federal Agency Request To Recall The Potentially Dangerous Vehicles

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has asked Chrysler to recall 2.7 million Jeep Grand Cherokees. Consumer injury attorney Michael J. Evans and other prominent attorneys are adding to the chorus demanding a Jeep recall.

The Center for Auto Safety* has today revealed that it has grave concerns for the safety of children in car seats strapped into the back of Chrysler Jeeps in an interview with ABC News.

"Parents who load their children in the back seat of a Jeep Grand Cherokee every day may want to read today's headlines," says consumer injury attorney Michael J. Evans. "The National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) has asked Chrysler to recall 2.7 million of the Jeeps. It comes after a long investigation found that the fuel tanks, located in the rear, are vulnerable to rupture and start a fire that can quickly engulf the whole Jeep.”

Consumer advocate Clarence Ditlow of the Centre for Auto Safety issued a statement** reading; “Chrysler’s refusal to recall 2.7 million 1993-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2002-07 Jeep Liberty vehicles places profits over safety. These modern day Pintos for soccer moms have been involved with 246 fatal fire crashes with 350 deaths, and at least 112 deaths due to fire.”

The ABC News article* goes on to offer further advice, stating; “Ditlow has some drastic advice for owners of these older-model Jeeps. ‘Drive your Jeep as infrequently as you can, and don’t put someone in the back seat.’ The Center for Auto Safety says it has documented at least three cases where young children in car seats died in a blaze after Jeeps were rear-ended.”

Attorney Gusty Yearout, senior partner at the law firm of Yearout & Traylor, P.C. agreed. "Clarence Ditlow and his organization do great work. The Center for Auto Safety was the first organization to demand a recall of the Ford Pinto, which had exploding gas tanks. The NHTSA and The Center for Auto Safety have both concluded that the car is potentially dangerous, and parents are understandably worried. It leaves owners of the car in limbo, not knowing whether it's safe to drive."

Attorney Lloyd Gathings of Gathings Law explained how NHTSA operates. "When NHTSA investigates an automobile and finds that it's dangerous, NHTSA asks the automobile company for a voluntary recall. Almost all companies comply. But if the automobile company refuses, NHTSA has the power to sue Chrysler to force a recall. A lawsuit by NHTSA against Chrysler is clearly warranted now."

Evans, Yearout and Gathings all have decades of experience representing victims of defective products such as automobiles, drugs and medical devices. They are currently investigating Jeep gas tank cases.

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