"555 Days of Prayer to Save America" Leaders Call on Christians to Exemplify The Passionate Relationship Between God and Man in Prayers for the Healing of the Nation

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"Save America Gathering" Spokesman Explains How Daily Prayer For the 555 Day-Long Span of the Event Changes the Life Focus of Participants and Opens Way to What Many Believe is a Closer Walk with God for Christians and for our Nation, the United States of America.

We invite all Christians to join in this purgative and uplifting process.

The sequence was obvious to them, when the servant leadership of "555 Days of Prayer to save America" began to emerge from their respective spirit-lead creative processes. First, cry out, asking for God's ear. He doesn't have to listen! Then, thank God for all He has already done before asking Him for favor. After that, in order to prepare ourselves to be a praying priesthood worthy of a righteous God, ask forgiveness, first, of our sins; and, that Christians be made forgiving and merciful. Then we ask forgiveness and mercy for the sins of The Church, and that The Church realize its call to be forgiving and merciful. Then ask for forgiveness and mercy for the sins of our Nation, the United States of America, and that the United States of America be a forgiving and merciful nation. Next, cry out for the purification and restoration of God's peoples, His Church. Finally, cry out for the healing and restoration of the United States of America. Finish by thanking God, once more, for the healing and restoration of our nation to be brought forth by His almighty hand.

That was how "555 days of Prayer to Save America" came Into being. A sequenced prayer event, designed to take the participant from crying out for God's ear to thanking Him for the restoration of the Church and the nation, the United States of America. Now, founder Robert Berry, his wife Toni Berry, and the other leaders of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," are calling on Christians of all sects and denominations to unite in prayerful exemplification of their relationships with God.

"Everyone doesn't have God's ear. Popular culture has turned God into a "genie," who we call on to get what we want or to get us out of trouble," said Robert Berry, CEO of "Save America Gathering," and lead servant for "555 Days of Prayer to Save America. "However," Berry continued, "we are the ones called to be the righteous priesthood. We are the ones called to worship. We are the ones God hears, as well as speaks to, regarding His ever-present will. The Lost world is unheard, for the most part, until God calls the lost out of "the world." He has no relationship with them. They do not seek Him--they seek "the world," and all of its temporal boundaries. They seek that which will elevate themselves, not that which elevates, or lifts up Jesus, Who is the Christ, the Holy Spirit, or our Heavenly Father, God Almighty! That process seeking after the worldly and fleshly desires is what has our people, our churches, our leadership, and our very country, the U.S.A., at odds with the path God desires for us. It is also responsible for the trouble we have in this country, lock, stock and barrel."

"We invite all Christians to join in this purgative and uplifting process: the establishment of a renewed and re-established relationship, through prayer, for our people, our churches, our leaders, our nation," Berry finished.

"Save America Gathering," "One Church // One Voice," and "Ephus and Associates" are also planning to continue support for and to partner with "Cry4LIfe," for their October 2013 and March 2014 events, and with the California born "11-11-14, Line in the Sand" movement. More information may be found at: http://www.cry4life.info and at http://www.injesus.com. Leadership staff also plan to support, and attend, the "Gathering of the Nations Solemn Assembly, Israel, March, 2014. "Save America Gathering" is a member of "Christians United for Israel." http://www.cufi.org.

All Christians and Messianic Jewish believers, of all sects and denominations, can and should be a part of this historic moment in the spiritual history of the United States of America. This is how you can all be involved:

1. Travel to Ground Zero, for the September 11, 2014 final ceremony of thanksgiving and launch of the "Great Wave Offering, and be a part of this nation changing gathering. This event will be developed based on Church participation, so jump in, now.

2. Ensure your local fellowship follows the "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" schedule and, has its own place in the Wave Offering. If not, join with other local or nearby churches.

3. If your Church is not participating in "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," gather together in a home or another gathering place, and, conduct your own prayer meeting sessions.

4. If you cannot find others to meet with, then, using the event schedule as a guide, set aside time, in the privacy of your own home, to spend with the Lord, on behalf of His Church and the United States of America.

So, no one with an undivided heart need miss out. For additional information, materials, or to contact event staff, go to http://www.saveamericagathering.com, and click on "ABOUT US" and "CONTACT US." To view or purchase U.S. Christian Flags, for the "Great Wave Offering," contact http://www.uschristianflag.com

Save America Gathering is a Christian non-profit organization formed under the provisions of US Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501c3. To donate, visit: http://www.saveamericagathering.com, and click on "PARTNER WITH US." and "DONATE." Thank-you! Your financial assistance is highly appreciated, and allows "Save America Gathering" to continue operation.

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