Asons Warns of Risk of Asbestosis in Derby, After Death of Steel Rigger

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A 74 year old man from Derby has died after being exposed to the deadly material asbestos for 44 years, during his career at a power station.

He said a few times that he felt like he had a ticking time bomb inside him. He knew what it was going to do to him

According to a news report released by the Derbyshire Telegraph (1), Mr Norman Hanser began his livelihood working in a power station at the age of 20 where he was employed as a handyman. Here it is alleged that he was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis, without being provided with any form of protective equipment by his employer, which caused his asbestosis(1).

Mr Hanser was diagnosed with pleural thickening in 1993 due to exposure to asbestos according to the article (1), after consulting with a doctor about a chest infection. This later developed into asbestosis which according to his daughter left him feeling like “a ticking time bomb” (1).

Thomas Fairclough, Executive at Asons Solicitors commented on the matter saying:
“It’s not surprising that Mr Hanser’s employer failed to protect not only him, but other workers from exposure to asbestos. Years ago there wasn’t a tremendous amount of evidence to suggest that asbestos was a deadly substance, so it was quite normal for workers to be around it on regular basis.

We see cases like this a lot at Asons, and it is always a terrible shame when it is related to the occupation of the individual as it was their employer’s duty to keep them safe, and they have failed”.

Mr Hanser’s health was seriously affected by the asbestosis as stated in the news report (1), which left him in hospital eight weeks before his death when he was involved in a car crash after he collapsed at the wheel. An inquest by Derby and South Derbyshire coroner’s court stated that this crash was completely unrelated to his death, however it was the effects of the asbestosis that caused him to lose consciousness (1).

In the news report by the Derbyshire Telegraph, his daughter Amanda Rayworth-Smith allegedly told the court:
"Over the years, he coped with it really well, and it was only in the last two years or so that he's been really having trouble catching his breath and with carrying heavy things.
"He said a few times that he felt like he had a ticking time bomb inside him. He knew what it was going to do to him." (1)

She then continued to talk about how it wasn't until more recent years that people became more aware of the dangers of asbestos and the repercussions it can bring on people(1). There are multiple sources of evidence that suggests that it can take up to 50 years after inhaling asbestos fibres for symptoms to develop, which is how his lack of personal protective equipment went undetected for so many years(2).

She continued to say:
"It [asbestos] was something that was used every day for lagging the pipes in the power stations.
"He never even gave it a second thought but when Dad was diagnosed, there were lots of people he worked with who were being diagnosed with the same thing." (1)

Coroners at the court ruled that Mr Hanser’s death was caused by occupational exposure to asbestos. (1)

Thomas Fairclough further commented on Mr Hanser’s death stating:
“After hearing from Mr Hanser’s daughter that there were several people that worked at the same power station that were diagnosed with asbestos related disease, I strongly suggest that each one of these sufferers and their families come forward to make an asbestosis claim for compensation. I strongly feel that no person should suffer because of the effects of their profession and the families should be fully compensated as a result. It is heart breaking to hear that yet another person has died because of asbestosis”.

Where an employer has failed to protect the health or safety of an employee, they are usually liable to pay compensation to the persons involved; even if the company is no longer trading as they may still be covered by their employer’s liability insurance. Therefore anyone that has been affected by asbestosis should contact an asbestos specialist solicitor such as Asons. They deal with a range of different asbestos related diseases and have a professional team experienced in asbestosis compensation and mesothelioma claims. To find out more information contact Asons on 01204 521 133 or visit

(1) 'Ticking time bomb' of asbestos led to death of retired steel rigger, 01/06/2013, Derby Telegraph
(2) Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2008, - ENDS -

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