Email Aptitude Introduces Surgical Direct Mail Automation for Multichannel Greatness

Leading Email Strategy Firm Announces 1-to-1 Direct Mail Trigger Technology Based on Digital Engagement

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

Email Aptitude, a leading email strategy and marketing technology firm, announced today the release of Outbox Logic™. This functionality enables retailers to create automated direct mail triggers based on digital behavior or any customer data point, allowing them to reach customers offline in a very relevant way.

In the Outbox Logic™ UI, a retailer can create multiple campaigns, each with print-ready creative and targeting logic. The Outbox Logic™ system runs daily to automatically print and deliver direct mail assets to customers meeting specified campaign conditions.

The new turn-key technology allows marketers to efficiently expand the customer experience to a tangible direct marketing channel. For example, a campaign can be created to deploy daily to any customer who reaches the six-month mark since last purchase, or even based on recent website browsing activity. With the seamless integration and scale of the Outbox Logic™ system, marketers can easily launch new campaigns based on advanced customer criteria.

“We are excited to help top marketers get extremely targeted with how they execute a multichannel customer experience,” said Forest Bronzan, CEO, Email Aptitude. “This addition to our platform provides sophistication and automation at scale for a tangible direct medium.”

The technology can be leveraged as an individual tool or combined with other functionality from Email Aptitude’s SaaS platform. Retailers interested in learning more about enhancing their multichannel programs with 1-to-1 direct print should contact Email Aptitude.

About Email Aptitude
Email Aptitude provides strategic services, full-service management, and savvy technology through its ESP-agnostic SaaS platform. From triggers based on site affinity to patent-pending technology for automation based on forecasted weather conditions, Email Aptitude's functionality enables marketers to have powerful interactions with their customers. The company is based in San Rafael, CA, with an office in New York City, NY.


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