Reveals Ten Easy Foot Care Tips for Healthy Feet

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Many people suffer from foot pain. Proper foot care along with foot massage can help tired, aching feet and ensure a healthier life.

Proper foot care will ensure good health and less foot problems. Stop neglecting your feet and care for them just as you do with other parts of your body. -Michael Zuyus

The feet are some of the most overlooked and neglected parts of our body and should be cared for accordingly. The feet support the body's weight, act as shock absorbers, serve as a lever to propel the body forward and help maintain balance throughout the day. The feet are put under a great amount of pressure. Each step we take exerts a tremendous amount of force upon them. This force is 50% greater than the individual's body weight.

Foot pain is a very common problem. It is estimated that 75% of people in the United States suffer from foot pain at some point in their lives, often leaving the problems untreated. Foot pain can occur because of uncomfortable shoes, old age, ingrown toe nails, standing for long periods and general neglect of the feet. There are many home remedies for foot pain including warm foot baths, self-massage, adjusting diet and purchasing a quality foot massager.

"People need to stop neglecting their tired, aching feet and begin a regimen of proper foot care," says Michael Zuyus, founder of Here are ten easy foot care tips for healthy feet:

1. Wear Properly Sized Shoes

Improperly fitted shoes can damage the feet, resulting in blisters, sore joints and other problems. To achieve a better fit, shop for shoes later in the day when the feet are the most swollen. Feel around inside the shoe for any seams that might cause blisters. Also, ensure that the heel of the shoe isn’t slipping off of the Achilles tendon as this can cause irritation.

2. Wear a Variety of Shoes

Believe it or not, shoes need to “rest” and dry out completely periodically. Wearing the same shoes every day will not give the shoes a chance to air out. This can lead to the growth of fungus and bacteria and can even cause foot odor.

3. Choose Appropriate Shoes

Many people damage their feet by wearing the wrong shoes. Feet need adequate support and cushioning for specific activities like running, climbing or simply standing all day.

4. Wash Feet Thoroughly

Daily, careful washing can prevent a multitude of foot problems. Be sure to get even those hard to reach places, like between the toes, to prevent the growth of bacteria and stave off infections. Dry the feet thoroughly, including between the toes, every time.

5. Buff Away Calluses and Corns

After the shower, use a pumice stone on corns and calluses. A pumice stone can be picked up at any grocery store for a few dollars, and it can keep the feet looking healthy and feeling great. Rub the stone across any rough, raised patches of skin on the feet, making certain to rub in only one direction to avoid tearing the skin.

6. Use Lotion

Dry, cracked feet can be painful as well as unattractive. Even worse, open skin is much more prone to infection. Moisturized feet are healthy feet. For best results, apply lotion after the pumice stone, then put on socks before going to bed.

7. Maintain Nails

Nail fungus is uncomfortable, and so are ingrown toenails. One of the keys to preventing these problems is properly trimming toenails. Cut them straight across, taking care to not cut off the corners. Cutting off the corners can actually cause ingrown toenails. If the corner of a nail is causing problems, gently file it down.

8. Avoid Going Barefoot

Regardless whether in the locker room, at the pool or a backyard, feet will be protected from a multitude of threats simply by being covered. Feet will less likely to get athlete’s foot when protected with shoes or sandals. In addition, shoes provide support that keep feet comfortable.

9. Get a Foot Massage

Foot massage is extremely powerful and pleasurable. It reduces stress and produces a state of relaxation. It can also increase blood circulation. As blood is the lifeline for every cell in the body, the feet will feel rejuvenated and cleansed as the blood flow to them increases. Foot massage is restorative, increases energy and can reduce the chances of encountering stress-related diseases.

10. Seek a Podiatrist

Constant foot pain, other than the usual tired ache after a long day, is never normal. If feet are routinely causing pain, look for the advice of a podiatrist to treat any potential problems before they get worse.

Avoid foot problems by following the above easy foot care tips. Feet: Don’t take them for granted. To read reviews for top rated foot massagers and learn about foot care, visit today.

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