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Kotelfinance, a top credit repair company in Miami, announces their Platinum Corporate Credit Builder.

In addition to offering the finest in personal credit repair in the country, Kotel is proud to announce their Platinum Corporate Credit Builder. Since a business credit is very difficult to obtain, most people use their own personal credit profiles in order to obtain loans, lines of credit, purchase supplies, etc. for their businesses. A personal guarantee puts at risk valuable things that give a person the financial freedom, his personal credit history.

Kotelfinance is one of the best credit repair companies in Florida, that uses a step by step process to structure their client’s business correctly and build a solid credit portfolio under their company’s name. With their Full Service Program, Kotel completes the steps of building their client’s business credit and without using any personal credit information. When completing the program, Kotelfinance guarantees their clients to have an “A” credit rating built under their company name.

There are a few steps to take into consideration prior to starting the process: In order to build a business credit, the company should be incorporated or filed as an LLC. Once the company is incorporated or filed as an LLC, a starting point will be to perform a complete credit check with the major credit bureaus (Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian and Business Equifax). Newly formed corporations will have blank credit profiles, and the ones that have been incorporated for some time will show if there is any negative reporting under the company’s name. The following step will be to register the company with the top three bureaus and open credit profiles, so that creditors can report the timely payments - which will allow building the business credit and establishing a business credit score.

Kotelfinance’s method: This credit repair service company uses a ‘four tier’ process to build a business credit. With each line of credit established, a minimum of $50 purchase is needed on that account, so that a payment history can be established at the credit bureaus under a business’ name. The accounts do not have to be active at all times, however they must be used at least one time to establish a payment history at the credit bureaus.

The ‘tier one' creditors are ‘Net-30 accounts’. ‘Net-30 accounts’ are considered the most basic form of credit between one business and another. Kotel’s clients receive 4 ‘Net-30 accounts’.

During ‘tier two’, Kotel will begin revolving lines of credit. ‘Tier two’ accounts are your low-end revolving credit lines. The clients receive 4 ‘tier two’ accounts. Typically, the credit limits will range from $1500-$2500.

During this cycle, Kotel will establish mid-range revolving credit lines. The client will receive 3-4 ‘tier three’ accounts. Credit limits will average $2500-$7000 with the three creditors.

With the top tier creditors, Kotel will establish the client’s high-end revolving credit lines. They will receive 3-4 ‘tier four’ accounts. These accounts will include the Mastercard(s), VISA, Discover and American Express business accounts. Credit limits will range from $5000-$40,000 on each account. The average client will receive approximately $15,000 credit limits on each of their tier four credit lines.

All creditors used in Kotelfinance’s ‘Platinum Corporate Credit’ program are either Fortune 500 or nationally known companies.

About: Kotelfinance teams are experts in repairing bad credit and establishing a new one while guaranteeing their clients to have an established “A” credit rating under their company name.

An “A” credit rating in business credit is defined as a Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX score of 80 or higher. (An 80 PAYDEX score in business credit is equivalent to a 750 FICO score used in personal credit). The entire program takes 12 months to complete. Getting started with the program is easy and the enrollment can be completed over the phone in a few minutes.

Kotel’s platinum corporate credit builder is the nation’s finest in helping to establish up to $100,000 in credit within the first 12 months. The program is 100% full-service and 100% money back guaranteed.

For a consultation with a professional, trustworthy top credit repair company in Miami, FL, contact Kotel Finance Services at (305)712.2060 , or visit their newly improved website http://www.kotelfinance.com/. Step in and let Kotel Finance & Services help recover your credit.

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