Segway of Oakland Introduces New Custom Built TV Segway

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Segway of Oakland is proud to introduce an all new custom designed Segway model with extra large vertical mount video monitor built into the front frame of the unit.

Segway of Oakland, the leader in customized Segway PT projects, is proud to introduce an all new custom designed Segway model with extra large vertical mount video monitor built into the front frame of the unit. This is a sophisticated “advertising Segway” that uses the Segway platform for a unique on-site demo, production, or presentation.

The Segway PT is the world’s first self-balancing vehicle. It is commonly used for advertising or marketing at events or other promotions. Many Segway PT’s have been built that have fancy custom ad shield with custom vinyl graphic designs. Using the Segway as a platform, many different types of advertising and marketing campaigns have been executed from events or conventions for company ambassadors to TV commercials and production, the Segway PT has been used extensively by many different companies.

“The custom TV-mounted Segway from Segway of Oakland brings that to a whole new level,” said Darren Romar from Segway of Oakland. He continued, “this unit has an integrated monitor that is fully built into the frame of the Segway. It also has a keyboard control panel inside of the unit so the user can see what is displayed on the monitor.

The TV Segway is a custom designed unit that can be used for special and unique marketing concepts. In the initial design, the front screen displays company logos or films, or it can mimic the look of a product or service. The TV Segway can play different digital clips or movies, and since it is essentially the paneling of the Segway itself, it can also be used to show graphics or color so that it simply looks almost like an illuminated vinyl graphic on the front of the unit.

“We’ve custom built variations of the TV Segway and companies have many different ways that they use it. It’s a mobile video screen, but it’s a heck of a lot more than that because it goes with the person riding it,” said Romar.

“Note that these custom built Segways are built project by project for the application prescribed by the customer. These are not stock Segways and they are generally purchased by companies or organizations for brand marketing and other advertising applications,” he said.

The unit can therefore be built to customer specifications and the capabilities of the video and computer and not limited other than by what is reasonable for the application. The units require special training and contracts, but the video and computer units are simply built onto a regular Segway PT with a special aluminum fabricated frame. The effect is very unique, and it definitely draws attention.

“We have a lot of inquiries about these, but we just came out with them a month ago and the time and effort and cost required needs to really be something the customer is interested in,” said Romar. “There is significant amount of custom CNC’d parts and some aluminum welding that goes into these fabricated machines, as well as the equipment being used for the advertising (example: monitor, computer, and battery power),” he continued.

The mobile display screen is very large and can be adapted for use at events or grand openings, TV commercials, conventions, or other brand marketing productions. The elaborate work involved in these unit results in something so unique it guarantees that people take notice.

The Segway PT moves like no other machine, and that combined with the custom electronics makes this machine very different. Nothing has the maneuverability of the Segway PT. With training and careful riding the TV Segway can be maneuvered like nothing else that can also show a full length production series of movies.

Those interested in the custom built TV Segway and it’s potential marketing, advertising, and presentation opportunities and applications contact Steve or Darren at 1-888-8SEGWAY (1-888-873-4929).

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