Seeing the Future: How a Revolutionary New Bacterial Screening Device Can Predict a Patient’s Future for Tooth Decay

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Dr. Michael Krochak and his team take a bold new approach to their patient’s health.

Dr. Michael Krochak

For over 30 years, my approach to my patient’s health and overall well being has been one based on prevention…the CariScreen Test is a great breakthrough in giving me a tool to assess my patient’s bacterial activity and risk of disease...

Tooth decay is an epidemic in American children with 50 percent of fifth graders showing active signs of the disease. The World Health Organization says that worldwide, 60–90 percent of school children and nearly 100 percent of adults have cavities. What are the long-term effects of this transmissible infection?

Research is showing a strong connection between the oral bacterial imbalance and serious systemic issues like heart disease. So why is this disease so rampant, yet it is also 100 percent preventable? Answer: There has been no way to properly screen patients for their risk, or susceptibility to the infection before the cavity forms.

Dr. Krochak and his team were not satisfied with the excessive and avoidable statistics and knew they could do better. In an effort to provide the absolute best care modern science can offer, they are now proud to provide the only in-office, chair-side caries susceptibility screening test on the market.

Developed by CariFree, a caries research company, the CariScreen test measures the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in the biofilm in seconds. Never before has such predictive information been available to patients or practitioners. Dr. Krochak can also tell his patients what the statistical likelihood is that they will develop new decay in the next year.

Dr. Krochak states: "For over 30 years, my approach to my patient’s health and well being has been one based on prevention. With all of the scientific evidence linking oral diseases to systemic diseases it is more important than ever to maintain one’s oral health. The CariScreen test is a great breakthrough in giving me a tool to assess my patient’s bacterial activity and risk of disease. The CariFree product line also helps me prevent disease and maintain my patient’s health.”

For decades the only approach to managing dental caries was to work backwards, drilling out decayed areas of the tooth and patching the cavity. The traditional approach did not tell the patient exactly why they had the disease or what specific things they could do to get better. The drill and fill model, as Dr. Doug Young DDS, MS, MBA (leading expert on dental caries) states, is like “building a deck on a house while it is burning down.”

While national statistics on decay rates continue to climb, Dr. Krochak and his team are determined, with the implementation of the CariFree CariScreen test, to stop this devastating disease in its tracks. Patients who see Dr. Krochak can expect the best assessment, diagnosis and therapy recommendations at their next appointment. Martha Arias RDH, a hygienist that works with Dr. Krochak says, “This test is so quick and painless. With a simple swab of my patient’s lower front teeth, we can determine their individual risk for decay and counsel our patients appropriately.”

For more information or to set up your screening, call 212-838-2900.

About Dr. Michael Krochak:

For over 30 years as a general, cosmetic and implant dentist in Manhattan, Dr. Krochak and his staff are committed to helping their patients improve their health, appearance and self-esteem by providing them with the highest quality dentistry in a caring and relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Krochak is also the Founder and Director of the Dental Phobia Treatment Center of New York. They can help you permanently conquer your dental fears! A leading writer and lecturer on the treatment of dental fear, Dr. Krochak has developed techniques to effectively address dental phobias, even those enduring since childhood..

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