New Group Gives Americans a Chance to Weigh In on Current Political Issues

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Americans for America is re-engaging citizens in our political process

Americans for America

This website and organization allows us to share our opinions and have our voices heard—even as lobbyists try to stifle the will of the people.

As most average Americans become increasingly frustrated with the complete lack of compromise and decency displayed by politicians of both major parties, a new organization is giving citizens an outlet to have their voices heard.

Americans for America, a website founded in 2012, offers people the chance to become more engaged into the political process and share their opinions on a wide range of issues facing the country.

“We often hear that America is a polarized nation, divided between those on the right and those on the left,” said Maryann Mueller, founder of Americans for America. “While that might be true of our representatives in Congress, an overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens just want elected officials to work together for the benefit of the nation. This website and organization allows us to share our opinions and have our voices heard—even as lobbyists try to stifle the will of the people.”

Americans for America, which is nonpartisan, gives users the opportunity to blog, comment and vote in polls related to a number of key issues. Members may also send messages to members of Congress. Among the features of are health and nutrition information, blogs on more than 30 relevant topics, links to state legislator information and important bills in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

Mueller started the website based on a frustration she shares with most Americans, as gridlock and political bickering in Washington, D.C. and in statehouses across the country is crippling the U.S. economy and preventing any meaningful action on issues like Social Security, health care, gun violence, climate change and the shrinking middle class.

Americans for America also focuses on the influence of lobbyists in the political process. Elected officials have come to rely heavily on these individuals and organizations for campaign contributions, with the result being that every bill passed at the state or federal level has been influenced by moneyed interests in some way. This undercuts the core democratic philosophy of a government run by the people, for the people.

“With both sides entrenched in ideology rather than reason, the future of America remains in jeopardy,” said Mueller. “The country we love is supposed to have a responsive government, where tough issues are deliberated on carefully and solutions come about through compromise and collaboration. Unfortunately, even as our country has faced some of the most challenging times in its history, we continue to have elected officials who seem only to care about the people and corporations that fund their campaigns. That leaves the rest of us out of the equation.”

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