Leapfrog Lighting News & Insights latest features examine the LED industry’s important issues, including whether T8 linear LED tubes are ready for mainstream use

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Leapfrog Lighting’s News & Insights announces four blog posts designed to provoke discussion in the LED lamp industry, including how light meters can harm a lighting manufacturer’s reputation; and, are LED retrofits are wise investment or short sighted mistake.

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Correspondent Sarah Bailey explores retrofit T8 linear LED tubes in this weeks Leapfrog Lighting News & Insights.

The overwhelming consensus from the LED lighting industry is that retrofit linear LEDs—specifically T8s—are a grand misstep

Leapfrog Lighting News & Insights announces four feature stories focused on important issues with the potential to impact the LED lighting industry:

“Do retrofit T8 linear LED tubes live up to their reputation?”
The overwhelming consensus from the LED lighting industry is that retrofit linear LEDs—specifically T8s—are a grand misstep; a blight upon an otherwise promising technology.
But are replacement linear tubes getting a fair shake? After all, history tells us that many emerging technologies—now widely adopted—suffered early setbacks and failed to gain initial consumer confidence and industry support. Could this be the same trajectory the retrofit linear LED tube is on? Read more…

“Are LED retrofits a wise investment or a short-sited mistake?”
The energy savings and environmental benefits LED lighting provides are well understood, especially by businesses directly affected by government mandates to eradicate inefficient lighting. A retrofit solution allows for a direct replacement of conventional light sources—such as incandescent, halogen, CFL, and fluorescent—without changing the existing fixture. Essentially, LED retrofit lamps mimic the overall shape (dimensions) and socket type of existing lamps. A retrofit solution provides cost relief, as additional expenses are not incurred purchasing and installing new fixtures (not to mention incidental costs such as operational downtime).
While the energy-efficient lighting rebates offered by government-backed programs and the reduced upgrade costs associated with a retrofit solution are extremely beneficial to businesses, some are still wary of using LED retrofits. Read more…

“Why the LED R9 value isn’t important”
Whenever LED light quality is discussed—especially in terms of color rendering—it’s just a matter of time before the R9 value is mentioned. So what exactly is this point of dissention in LED lighting circles? Is the R9 value really that important?
The R9 value is one of the 14 pigment colors scientists have established to measure color rendition. However, Color Rendition Index (CRI), which is the baseline measurement used to determine how well colors from a light source compare against those from a “natural” light source such as sunlight, does not account for the R9 value. Read more…

“How light meters can harm a lighting manufacturer’s reputation”
Bad news travels much quicker than good news. And in the social media age, it travels lighting fast. A bad product review can do much damage to a company’s reputation, so it makes LED lighting manufacturers a little uneasy when light meters are employed to determine the suitability of their lamps.
But here’s why lighting manufacturers worry when a light meter reading is the sole determinate of a product’s suitability: a light meter reading is only as good as the product, the user and reading technique, and the attention to maintenance. Many retrofit jobs may be unsatisfactory as a result of inaccurate data from a light meter. The problem may not be in the lamp itself, but in the decision-making process of selecting that specific lamp for that specific task. Read more…

About Leapfrog Lighting

Leapfrog Lighting, is best known for specialized commercial-application LED lamps, for applications where consistent quality is important, such as: retail and display, interior and architectural design applications, industry and commercial space, facility management, hospitals, galleries and museums.

Leapfrog Lighting’s lamps provide “improved glare control, light distribution and color consistency,” said Canadian Federal Minister Gary Goodyear, at a recent press event announcing an investment in Leapfrog Lighting’s ongoing research and development. The Minister of State for Science and Technology praised “measurable improvement on lighting quality required by facility managers, institutions, architects and retail businesses.”

The current Leapfrog Lighting product line includes MR16, PAR30, PAR38 and PAR20 lamps that provide industry-leading output power through high-efficiency LED source and driver electronics. The innovative lens design creates a pleasing, glare-free light suitable for use in all indoor and unexposed outdoor down-lighting applications. The lamps also deliver the high CRI and ultra-consistent color temperature control critical to multi-lamp applications in hotels, restaurants, schools, office buildings, museums, galleries, retail operations and other public spaces. With a life expectancy of 40,000 operating hours, these UL-registered lamps will provide more than 27 years of service at 4 hours per day.

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