Hypnotension Welcomes a New Device that Could Improve how Blood Pressure is Measured

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According to new NHS research, published this month, a new wrist sensor may be better measure of blood pressure.

A team at University College London showed a sensor worn on the wrist could measure the pressure of blood leaving the heart throughout the day.

In general, blood pressure is measured using the arteries in the arm, but the pressure at the heart might be a better predictor of future health problems.

A team at the NHS National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) trialled the sensor, which looks much like a high tech wrist watch containing a tiny plunger that moves up and down as blood pulses past with every heartbeat.

The technology in the sensor measures this "pulse wave" to establish the pressure in the heart.

Prof. Bryan Williams, the director of the NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre, said, "It was remarkably accurate".
The research showed that pressure in the heart does not dip as much during sleep as was previously thought.

It is believed that the blood pressure level when sleeping is a strong predictor of heart disease. This device almost certainly gives a better measure than blood pressure in the arm.

Clinical trials will now test whether using the device leads to better diagnoses.

High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and stroke and it is thought that a third of people in the UK have high blood pressure, but as many as 50% are thought to be unaware of the condition.

Paul Howard, co-creator of the Hypnotension programme, said, “Any device that more accurately measures blood pressure is very welcome. This type of device is particularly useful as it will remove the effects of White coat hypertension, which is a phenomenon where patients’ exhibit elevated blood pressure in a clinical setting, but not in other settings. It is believed that this is due to the anxiety some people experience during a clinic visit and is thought to be responsible for up to 25% of people being diagnosed and medicated wrongly for high blood pressure.”

A Hypnotension practitioner is trained to identify and take steps to help the blood pressure client make those changes necessary to bring their blood pressure back to the normal range as quickly as possible.

The Hypnotension™ programme looks at a variety of lifestyle factors to establish which is likely to be causing or maintaining high blood pressure (hypertension). These lifestyle factors are then targeted using specific cognitive and hypnotherapeutic techniques to help reduce the client’s blood pressure towards more normal levels.

Certified Hypnotension practitioners are all fully qualified and insured hypnotherapy or NLP professionals, who meet the occupational standards for their country. The Hypnotension programme is a hypnotherapy cpd course recognised by leading Hypnotherapy Professional Associations worldwide.

There is a network of specially trained Hypnotension practitioners all over the country who can help people make the lifestyle changes which could help save their life.

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