RKNet Studios Announced Newer Version of Cognitions Bridge Mobile Apps that Help Build Efficient Bridges between Perception, Cognition and Action

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Producer CEO at RKNet Stated: “Perceptual learning, progressively increasing complexity, and the need to engage multiple cognitive skills in the latest version of Cognitions Bridge mobile games create a network of efficient and faster pathways... to engage different parts of the brain in a networked and collaborative manner."

Cognitions Bridge games for cognitive skills development are based on perceptual learning that is specific enough to be implemented on computers, and precise enough to make quantitative predictions regarding behavior.

Anant Goel, CEO at RKNet Studios further stated: “Perception provides initial source of information that is operated on by subsequent cognitive processes to action. That means, a person’s superior cognitive processes depend on the stable structures established by a strong perceptual system. Cognitions Bridge mobile apps for cognitive development are based on perceptual learning; to help develop a stronger perceptual system that is specific enough to be implemented on computers, and precise enough to make quantitative predictions regarding behavior.”

Several research programs hold the promise of uniting perceptual and cognitive adaptability for developing engineering applications and intelligent devices, such as artificial eyes wired directly into the nervous system, or security surveillance devices at airports that can pick out suspicious objects.

However, a deeper understanding of the brain could also provide new understanding of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. A better understanding of the brain could help to figure out how to do maintenance on it and help to sustain a high mental quality of life.

From Thought to Action…

Consider an attention demanding activity such as driving a car on a busy road. To be successful at this task, the brain must constantly monitor the external world: it must survey the environment visually, singling out significant objects such as nearby cars, pedestrians, or traffic lights; and it must physically orient and reorient the eyes to any new or significant object in the scene.

Also, the selection of an attention-worthy object must take into account multiple sources of information regarding the current behavioral context and goals. For example, a moving car is worthy of attention if one is driving or crossing the road, but much less so if one is waiting at the bus-stop. Therefore, the mechanisms that control attention might be expected to integrate information about multiple behavioral demands.

Here’s the shortlist of Cognitive Skills engaged in driving a car on a busy road…

  •     Visual Perception: is the ability to interpret information from the effects of visible light reaching the eye. The resulting perception is also known as eyesight, sight, or vision.
  •     Spatial Perception: is the ability to evaluate how things are arranged in space, and investigate their relations in the environment.
  •     Visual Scanning: is the ability to actively find relevant information in our surroundings quickly and efficiently. Lack of visual scanning reduces the speed and the accuracy of our reactions and responses.
  •     Visual Short-term Memory: is the ability to temporarily retain a small amount of visual information – shapes, colors, relative locations, or movement directions – active and available for a short period of time.
  •     Working Memory: is the temporary storage and manipulation of the information necessary for complex cognitive tasks such as language comprehension, learning and reasoning.
  •     Speed Estimation is the capacity to estimate an object's future location based on its current speed. This ability allows you to function in the environment and avoid various moving obstacles around you.
  •     Updating or Refresh: is the ability to respond in a flexible and adaptive manner in order to keep up with the changes in the environment.

The list goes on and over 21 cognitive skills are engaged in our example of driving a car on a busy road. Human brain is amazing, but we take our cognitive skills for granted until we start to loose them as we grow older and face the on-set of age related dementia or worse… the dreaded disease Alzheimer’s.

Cognitions Bridge games help develop a strong perceptual system; and are designed in the labs but tested in real life.

Everyone has cognitive abilities, but not everyone's abilities are the same. There are some natural differences that separate the potential of an astronaut from a taxi driver. Children need to develop cognitive skills for success in life, adults need to maintain their skills just to survive, and seniors need to hang-on to their skills to prevent the on-set of dementia and Alzheimer’s. People can, at any age, improve their cognitive capacity, speed and accuracy.

“Cognitions Bridge games can be downloaded from Google PLAY Store or the Apple APP Store."

Launch Press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1nLhrvZxbg
Download Free Game from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rknetstudio.ninja
Download from App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/21-bridge/id623725250?ls=1&mt=8

About RKNet Studios:
RKNet Studio develops and distributes digital content, mobile apps, and mobile games for the global audiences. Created by NJBIN award winning team; Cognitions Bridge mobile apps and games are for entertainment, brain fitness, cognitive skills and social skills development. The developers bring over 40 years of experience in technology, Applied Cognitive Psychology, communications, and applied operator training systems for fast moving Nuclear Power Control Room environments.

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