Drivers Urged to Use Caution Around Commercial Vehicles

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With the summer months bringing casual travelers out onto our nation’s highways in greater numbers, persons unaccustomed to driving longer distances will be sharing interstate thoroughfares with commercial drivers who frequent such roads every day. The Ochs Law Firm hopes all motor vehicle operators will share the road and is thus offering tips focused on encouraging safety near commercial vehicles.

In a contest between you and a 40-ton tractor trailer, your automobile simply can’t compete.

Interstate travel increases during the summer months thanks to an abundance of sightseeing families taking advantage of seasonable weather. But an increase in traffic also leads to an increase in danger, especially when sedans and other regular-sized vehicles share the road with commercial tractor trailers.

The damage wrought by an accident involving a semi truck and standard automobile can be catastrophic, leaving even the most highly rated vehicles at a loss to protect the occupants inside. The legal representatives at the Ochs Law Firm have seen the deadly results of such accidents firsthand in their positions as Casper catastrophic injury lawyers and they want to do whatever they can to make sure all drivers get to their destinations safely.

“There can be a lot of distractions in the middle of a family road trip,” said Jason Ochs, attorney at the Ochs Law Firm, “but one place distraction has no place is in the vicinity of a commercial vehicle. It doesn’t matter how many stars your vehicle has in safety ratings; in a contest between you and a 40-ton tractor trailer, your automobile simply can’t compete.”

But things aren’t completely dire. Drivers have many options when it comes to protecting themselves from a catastrophic crash involving a commercial vehicle. These safety tips for drivers near commercial trucks will come in handy whether you’re traveling across the country or a few miles down the road.

  • Obey the Law- This should be a given, but far too many people put themselves and their family in harm’s way by violating basic traffic statutes. Don’t make this mistake. Drive defensively, remain below the speed limit, and make your actions known with the proper turn signals
  • Stay Visible- Don’t wait until night falls to turn on your headlights. Research has shown that the risk of an accident decreases when your headlights are on during the day. After all, a commercial truck driver can’t avoid you if he or she can’t see you, and a headlight dramatically bolsters your visibility. By the same token...
  • Avoid Blind Spots- If you can’t see a truck driver in their mirrors, they won’t be able to see you either. When you attempt to pass a commercial vehicle, don’t linger; make your way through the blind spot as quickly as possible while still obeying the speed limit
  • Get Over- Although many attempts to pass a tractor trailer will necessarily have to occur on a two-lane road, you should get over to the left as far as safely possible when alongside a semi, leaving one lane between the two vehicles if you can. In addition, many states have Move Over Laws requiring drivers to switch lanes if emergency or police vehicles are positioned along the road. Give the same courtesy to stopped tractor trailers or commercial vehicles getting on the highway from an on-ramp
  • Put Down The Phone- When your focus is on a text message or a phone call, it’s not on your immediate environment. Stow your phone or have a passenger make calls for you so that you can react appropriately to semi-trailer movements
  • Provide Ample Space- This applies to the area both in front of and behind a commercial truck. You don’t want to tailgate, as a truck driver might not be able to see you and thus wouldn’t take your presence into account if they have to suddenly hit the brakes. By the same token, you want to avoid letting a truck get too close to your rear. Trucks simply cannot brake as quickly as the typical sedan, and if you have to slam on the brakes for any reason, you could be struck from behind by the truck.

These tips can help you throughout the summer and all other times of the year. Every time you get in your vehicle, you should take the precautions necessary to ensure you and your family will be protected on the road.

The Ochs Law Firm is an award-winning practice recognized by such entities as the American Trial Lawyers Association, the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice. With offices in Wyoming, California, and Colorado, the firm is able to offer representation to victims of catastrophic tractor trailer collisions as well as assistance to persons going through divorce, filing class action lawsuits, defending against criminal accusations, and more.

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