Polyonics Introduces a Family of High Opacity Black Polyimide Tapes for High Temperature, Antistatic and Flame Retardant Applications

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Polyonics has introduced a portfolio of high temperature and high opacity black polyimide tapes with a wide range of high performance features including ESD and fire protection. The single and double coated tapes are designed specifically for PCB masking and bonding applications involving light sensitive devices that need to survive the typical PCB manufacturing process.

Black polyimide tapes used on smart phone batteries and cameras

Black engineered tapes are used for variety of functions in smart phones and tables including flame retardant and antistatic protection for batteries and to help block light in cameras.

Polyonics new family of high temperature, highly opaque black engineered tapes include wide ranging performance features. The single or double coated tapes offer high temperature insulation and isolation for temperatures up to 300C. The tapes are ideal for PCB masking and bonding applications involving light sensitive components as they can withstand the high temperatures and harsh environments associated with the typical PCB manufacturing process. The tapes provide opacities of 100% +/- 5% and are well suited for a wide variety of applications such as cameras, lasers, LEDs, etc. Their space-saving thicknesses makes them also applicable in the rapidly growing field of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Semi Gloss and Matte Gloss Versions
The REACH and RoHS compliant tapes are available in semi-gloss black polyimide and static dissipative matte black top coated amber polyimide. Thicknesses include 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mil constructions and gloss values from 2 to 20 GU. The tapes include high temperature acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and a variety of liners to aid in the die cutting process.

Static Dissipative Coatings Help Prevent ESD Events
Polyonics high opacity antistatic black tapes are also available to help safely dissipate electrostatic charges before they can build up and cause harmful ESD events. Polyonics coats amber polyimide with a matte black top coat that is static dissipative with a surface resistance of >10^4 Ohms. Solid black antistatic tapes are also available with surface resistances of 10^5 to 10^9 Ohms, the heart of the dissipative range. These tapes have antistatic wear surfaces that have proven effective in both production and laboratories due to their durability.

Designed for High Temperature and Harsh Environments
The high performance black tapes are able to withstand temperatures up to 300C while remaining dimensionally stable. This allows the tapes to be used in harsh environments typical of PCB wave flow solder processes while providing temperature and electrical insulation along with ESD and fire protection.

High Dielectric Strength Provides Electrical Insulation and Isolation
Polyonics black engineered tapes take full advantage of polyimide's strong electrical properties including dielectric strengths up to 8.6kV/mil. This allows the tapes to be used as electrical insulators and isolators in applications also requiring high opacity.

Low Peel Voltage Protects Static Sensitive Devices
The low peel voltage feature incorporated in the antistatic versions of the black tapes is an important tool for manufacturers of static sensitive components and devices. The Polyonics antistatic tapes generate less than 100 volts when their liners are removed. This helps protect static sensitive devices from having electrostatic charges added when the tape is applied.

High Opacity Light Management
The Polyonics tapes were specifically designed for applications requiring light management and have opacities of 100% +/- 5% and gloss values of 2-20 GU. This allows the tapes to block light and control the magnitude or direction of the light's reflection. The ultra thinness of the tapes makes them particularly attractive for managing light in small electronic devices such as smart phone and tablet cameras, audio speakers, LEDs, lasers and MEMS where space is restricted.

Wide Range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
A variety of acrylic PSAs are available on these tapes to best match each application, space allotment, adhesion strength, mounting surfaces and environmental conditions. The PSAs are available in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mil thicknesses and have a 300C temperature rating. A 1.0 mil low surface energy (LSE) acrylic PSA is also available that is uniquely suited for most forms of plastic applications and for under the hood, automotive applications. In addition, white and clear silicone PSAs are available on a custom basis for applications requiring temperatures up to 500C.

Flame Retardant Helps Prevents the Propagation of Fire
All Polyonics flame retardant tapes are halogen free. They are tested in accordance with the most stringent industry flammability smoke and toxicity standards including FAR 25.853, BSS 7238.7239 and UL94 where most are rated VTM0.

Polyonics black polyimide (PI) tapes include

XT-702; 0.5 mil (13 µm) black PI with 1.0 mil (25µm) acrylic PSA, Gloss: 20 +/- 5 GU, Opacity: 100% +/- 5%

XT-708; 0.5 mil antistatic and flame retardant matte black top coated amber PI with 0.9 mil (23 µm) acrylic PSA, Gloss: 2 +/- 5 GU, Opacity: 100% +/- 5%

XT-711; 1.0 mil double coated black PI with 1.0 mil clear silicone PSA, Gloss: 20 +/- 5 GU, Opacity: 100% +/- 5%

XT-719; 2.0 mil (50µm) antistatic matte black top coated amber PI with 1.5 mil (38µm) acrylic PSA, Gloss: 2 +/- 5 GU, Opacity: 100% +/- 5%

XT-721; 0.5 mil antistatic matte black top coated amber PI with 1.0 mil LSE acrylic PSA, Gloss: 2 +/- 5 GU, Opacity: 100% +/- 5%

XT-722; 1.0 mil black PI with 1.0 mil acrylic PSA, Gloss: 20 +/- 5 GU, Opacity: 100% +/- 5%

Polyonics manufactures high performance, single and double coated tapes, films and flexible substrates used by specialty die-cut converters worldwide. The ultra-thin polyimide, PET and aluminum materials are designed expressly for high temperatures and harsh environments plus provide flame retardant and static dissipative performances for electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical components.

For more information please contact Dave Genest at 603.903.6327 or tape.expert@polyonics.com

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