New Anti-Ageing Treatments: How Fat Transfer Is Changing The Cosmetic Industry

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MyShape Lipo is changing the way people thing about anti aging. Transferring one's own fat to areas of deficiencies is quickly becoming a safer, more effective, longer lasting and cost efficient way to decrease the signs of aging.

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Fat Transfer to Hands

Fat transfer is revolutionizing the way we thing about aging

Well known by celebrities, fat transfer is quickly becoming a great option for us common people. Aging gracefully is the goal of most people. There are some good options available these days, but fat transfer to the face and the hands is a procedure that is sweeping the nation and offering incredible results to make people look younger. The use of expensive, temporary injectable fillers may be a thing of the past. Fat offers natural, long lasting and consistent results to make patients look years younger.

Most people will use creams and lotions to reduce the signs of aging, but what happens when those things don't work anymore? It would be easy to just throw in the towel and give in to nuances of aging. That's not the case for those people that choose to fight tooth and nail to look as young as they feel for as long as possible. The face is the most obvious place where people show their age through wrinkles and loss of volume throughout their face. Most will forget about their hands, but if they are not addressed it will be a sure tell of one's age with increased visibility of tendons and blood vessels on the back of the hand.

The team at MyShape Lipo of Las Vegas is attracting people from around the world for affordable anti-aging treatments to reduce the signs of aging. Most have heard that it’s possible to transfer ones fat to the breast or the buttocks to regain lost volume or finally get the volume they have always wanted. Now it’s possible to use fat to transfer to the hands and the face to significantly reduce the visible signs of aging.

“Fat transfer is revolutionizing the way we think about aging,” says Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the liposuction specialist at MyShape Lipo. “It’s an exciting new procedure that gives hope to those that are depressed when they look in the mirror and see an old person looking back.”

It may sound weird to transfer fat to the face, but the results are astonishing. As one ages, there is a slow decrease in the volume of fat in the face which leads to a sunken, wrinkled look that gives that classic aged appearance. The addition of fat can offer long term solutions to restore the volume that was once a youthful tight looking face. With additional volume, the skin is stretched and the wrinkles are reduced significantly. No one likes to look old, and with the fat transfer to the face and hands we may be able to put it off for another day.

In the past, the only option to restore lost volume was the use of expensive, temporary fillers like Juvaderm or Restylane. Unfortunately, these fillers only last for 4-6 months in most cases requiring regular injections to maintain the results. At $500-$1500 per injection, ongoing injections can get very costly over time. The use of one's own fat as a filler is considered to be permanent by most experts. While the upfront cost for fat transfer is more expensive, the long term savings could be substantial depending on the length of continued injections.

While nearly everyone is focused on improving their face, don’t forget about the hands. It’s been said that the hands never lie when it comes to aging. That’s not true anymore. It’s possible to transfer fat to the hands to reduce the visible signs of aging that haunt most of us over time. The addition of fat will reduce the tendons and blood vessels visible on the back of the hands. In addition, the skin will be stretched to reduce the wrinkles.

MyShape Lipo is a liposuction and fat transfer specialty clinic located in Las Vegas. Patients fly in from around the world for their innovative treatments and affordable prices. For a complimentary consultation by phone call 702-818-5476 or visit their site to view their photo gallery.

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