DreamTime Delights the Senses With Exclusive Aroma-therapeutic Natural Blend

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The addition of their signature aromatherapy blend, to their already legendary microwavable body wraps, brings two proven healing and soothing elements together in comfort tools for ache and pain relief.

DreamTime adds naturally powerful aromatherapy blends to their award winning therapeutic comfort tools collection. The addition of their signature aromatherapy blend, to their already legendary microwavable body wraps, brings two proven healing and soothing elements together in comfort tools for ache and pain relief.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing. A form of complementary medicine, aromatherapy is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.

Throughout history, people have turned to nature to provide help during illness. In many parts of the world today, from Africa to Europe, bouquets of varied herbs are sold in markets, as they have been for untold centuries. Some of these materials have traditionally been made into essential oils, which in almost every country of the world, have formed an integral part of the medicine of ordinary people.

The extraordinary attributes of essential oils account for their effectiveness and the many possible applications. They have the ability to directly stimulate brain function, and, from there, many psychological and physiological processes. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing.

What is aromatherapy good for?

Aromatherapy is used in a wide range of settings -- from health spas to hospitals -- to treat a variety of conditions. In general, it helps in relieving pain, improving mood, and promoting a sense of relaxation.

From sport injuries, to aches and pains, to stress relief, DreamTime offers comfort tools to heal, nurture and soothe every body part with its all natural “aroma-therapeutic” microwavable body wraps, blankets, belts, eye masks and pillows.

DreamTime’s signature aromatherapy herbal blend

DreamTime’s signature blend ties together 5 powerful aroma therapeutic natural ingredients to envelop its users in a soothing, pain relieving and nurturing experience.


For centuries, cinnamon has been used to treat a variety of health problems. Whether smelled or ingested, cinnamon has the ability to increase brain activity, better focus and speed up visual response.

Ailments improved include: menstrual discomfort, arthritis, colds and flu, and digestive issues.

Cinnamon also:

  •     Reduces nervousness and improves memory.
  •     Improves blood circulation.
  •     Reduces pain.
  •     Improves respiration and digestion.


Researchers have found that the spicy aroma of clove reduces drowsiness, irritability, and headaches. A relief for pain and stiffness, it also helps sore muscles and arthritis.
The fragrance is warming, comforting, powerful, with fruity top notes.

Inhalation may help:

  •     Clear and relieve respiratory infections and conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, influenza and colds
  •     Soothe the throat and nasal passages.
  •     Stress-related insomnia.
  •     De-stressing
  •     Muscle-relaxing.


The healing power of eucalyptus is broad and wide-ranging. It can be used to treat rheumatism, neuralgia and muscle pain relief. A natural antibacterial, it has exceptional germicidal properties.

Aids in the whole breathing process, as a traditional remedy in easing discomfort for:

  •     Asthma,
  •     Bronchitis,
  •     Colds,
  •     Flu,
  •     Sinus congestion
  •     Throat infections.

Can also help regenerate lung function, as a good expectorant and cough suppressant.


Lavender is beneficial for balancing, calming and refreshing the mind.

It helps in relieving:

  •     Stress
  •     Nervousness
  •     Insomnia
  •     Mood swings
  •     Depression

Peppermint & Spearmint

Helps with mental fatigue, memory lapses and mental concentration by specifically stimulating the central hippocampus of the brain. Helps remedy:

  •     Acute dizzy spells
  •     Rapid heartbeat
  •     Shock
  •     General weakness
  •     Headaches
  •     Nausea
  •     Vomiting
  •     Motion sickness

DreamTime’s Aromatherapeutic Comfort Tools:

The Breathe Easy Face Pillow will get breathing back on track. Through its powerful aromatherapy and healing warmth or cooling touch, the Face Pillow is filled with an herbal blend of the natural decongestant herbs spearmint, eucalyptus and peppermint, to gently coax the sinus passages to open, promoting free and easy breathing. The pillow’s weight provides a gentle acupressure to relax and soothe tired eye and facial muscles.

The Herbal Hug, from DreamTime’s Spa Comforts line, will cradle the tired body in gentle warmth and fragrant herbs. Zap it in the microwave, and the soothing hug of your trusty herbal wrap, releases scents of comforting clove, calming cinnamon and uplifting eucalyptus, and then apply that warmth wherever weary muscles, aches and pains need it most. May be chilled in the freezer for cold therapy.

For a soothing deep sleep, fresh lavender flowers are sprinkled inside The Midnight Mask, to quiet delicate senses, while the mask’s snug fit and ergonomic design relieves tired eyes, and blocks out light.


As the pioneer and leader in the industry, DreamTime’s healing products are known and respected for their attractiveness, functionality and quality. Located in Santa Cruz, California, DreamTime, (http://www.dreamtimeinc.com) re-invents therapeutic pain relief, comfort and relaxation by offering a diverse collection of nerve and muscle soothing products for everyone as a path to daily wellbeing. All are beautifully packaged to guarantee customer appeal.

DreamTime’s family of brands, including Spa Comforts and Warm Whiskers encourage healing, pain relief, soothing, and deep relaxation through the use of moist heat or cool therapy.
All of DreamTime’s wellness products are of the highest quality, environmentally friendly and contain no animal products. Their collections are available nationwide at fine gift stores, resort spas and online at http://www.relaxanddream.com.

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