Entrepreneurship on the Rise, Says Simon Close of Coventry

Simon Close, Coventry professional, applauds US entrepreneurs for sparking economic growth despite financial challenges.

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Coventry, UK (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

Simon Close Coventry entrepreneur knows that the recession that was experienced across the United States took a significant toll on the health of the job market, resulting in skyrocketing unemployment rates. For some individuals, though, the recession was an opportunity to dive into entrepreneurial endeavors that, ultimately, have contributed to the recovery of the economy while creating jobs and expanding the scope of many industries. A recent article published by Forbes reports that the "The percentage of adults involved in startups in 2012 hit 13 percent—a record high since Babson [and Baruch Colleges] began tracking entrepreneurship rates in 1999." Close applauds the work of entrepreneurs and explains that these professionals have turned negative economic events into positive business opportunities.

The author of the article considers the role that the recession has played in the rise of entrepreneurship over the years: "I'm wondering if, after the long recession, more Americans are coming to the conclusion that I did, when I started my own business in 2007: The old rules, in which getting [a] traditional job was the smartest career route for many, don't apply as much anymore. I was very interested to see that in four out of the five years between 2008 and 2012, 56 percent of adults said they had the ability to start a business—a confidence level higher than in many innovation-driven economies."

Although entrepreneurs are forging ahead in building the new economy, the article reminds readers that there are challenges that these professionals face. Funding is a major struggle, as the article reports that over 18 percent of entrepreneurs in the United States who closed their companies cited a lack of funding as opposed to the 11 percent in other economic environments.    

"Entrepreneurs will drive the economy forward," comments Simon Close, Coventry professional. "Challenging economic times can serve as a motivational boost to individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Many large, profitable businesses have been created due to entrepreneurship during economic downturns. With the rise of entrepreneurs during the recession, there is obviously a need for more help from lenders and policymakers. These entrepreneurs will create jobs and economic growth for long-term economic prosperity."

Simon Close, Coventry entrepreneur, urges business owners who are looking to innovate their fields to continue in their efforts to revolutionize their industries and, ultimately, assist in the recovery of the economic landscape.


Simon Close Coventry entrepreneur is a professional who has developed his skills in several different industries, allowing him to polish his capabilities across numerous fields and, ultimately, create a well-rounded entrepreneurial approach to each of his initiatives. The former owner of Eden Restaurant and Bar, Close is now the director of The Establishment Bar and Grill. Additionally, he is the director of Renewable Micro Solutions, which is an organization that provides combined heat power technology products and services. Close is also currently developing Cas Commodities, a broker for rice and sugar that aims to connect buyers in Ghana with international suppliers. When not working, Close is an avid traveler whose favorite vacation spots include South Africa, the Maldives, and Dubai. Additionally, he has traveled extensively across Europe and has spent time in both China and Brazil.


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