Hemlock Grove's Dean O'Dell Talks About What He Likes Most About Hemlock Grove and How the Show Obtained its Unique Cinematic Look in an Interview on AfterBuzz TV

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Hemlock Grove's Dean A O'Dell made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Hemlock Grove aftershow Tuesday night.

Hemlock Grove's Dean A O'Dell made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Hemlock Grove aftershow Tuesday night. In his appearance, O'Dell talks about what he likes most about the show, how the show obtained its unique cinematic look, and the project of his career that he is most proud of.

Dean on what he likes most about Hemlock Grove:

"Outside of just telling the story, again, it might be kind of cliche, but it was an incredible cast. It's one of those shows that in 20 plus years you sit back and say that if anything I hope this project goes again. It was just like magic. It was one of those things like the cast looked the role. The cast played the role. Everybody on the floor from riggers, to the grips, to the lighting, to electrics, to camera. Everyone just made one big family and it was just a great experience. So we were all sitting back and crossing our fingers and toes and hoping that Netflix wants to go again."

Dean on giving Hemlock Grove the unique look it has:

"There's a local production manager in town, Whitney Brown, who I've know a lot of years. [Whitney] called me up and set up an interview with the wonderfully talented production designer, Drew Boughton. He's actually the one that brought in the concept with the images as well as sort of the color pallet. An incredible amount of research went into the look. Obviously you do color tests and palette. That's more of Drew's hand as well. For the actual color dial, he was that one that initially met with Eli and Deran in LA. It was the color palette and the crimson photographs that just fit what they felt and visually what they wanted it to look like."

On the project he's most proud of and benefits of creating a series on Netflix:

“I would have to say that it's Hemlock Grove! It goes without saying on that one. [Hemlock Grove] was a different structure as well. I didn't have to do the breaks like I talked about with Deran [Sarafian] and Mark [Verheiden]. The delivery is different. There's much more intensity you can put into a show and not worry about having to sell laundry soap. And as well as having the opportunity to stream all episodes in one night. I did the whole binge thing because that's the way you find the characters. I think that's definitely now the way of the future is what Netflix has got themselves into right now for sure. It's by far the best way for story telling I think as well as overall for the audience feel the same way."

Upon being asked about his favorite character from Hemlock Grove:

“Oh that's a loaded question. [The viewers] think that all of them are amazing and because you've seen them actually at the end of the show, to see how much they've actually grown in their performance and their confidence was truly wonderful to watch. The character you gotta go after, the underdog and the sympathetic, and to me it's the Shelley character. She's the heart and soul of the show in many ways. She's the one that in the end does the right thing and is always concerned about other people. [Shelley] represents more of humanity which is actually counter to the way she looks. There's that paradox there. Shelly was a totally incredible character. You like them all, but it's like raising your children. You can't love one better than the other."

Dean on his upcoming projects:

"Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll be able to yell and scream that Hemlock Grove is coming back. Like anything you never give a show away like a bird in the hand because it's always one of those fears. In this industry, you gotta take what's there. I've turned down a couple of projects in the hope that everything comes together because I firmly believe that it was such a good program that I believe that Netflix will go again on a second season. I'm trying to keep myself available for that."

Links to Dean A. O'dell's full appearance can be found on YouTube and iTunes.

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