The Real World Portland's Nia Moore Talks about her Fight with Avery and Johnny in an Interview on Maria Menounos' AfterBuzz TV

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Real World Portland's Nia Moore made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Real World Portland aftershow last Wednesday. In her appearance, Nia talks about her fight with Avery and Johnny.

Real World Portland's Nia Moore made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Real World Portland aftershow last Wednesday. In her appearance, Nia talks about the turmoil caused by Avery and her dog Daisy, her fight with Avery and Johnny, and consequences of what will happen if Avery and Johnny do not move out of the house.

Nia on the turmoil caused by Avery and her dog Daisy:

“Avery is basically what you would call a nomad. She just jumps around the city, from guy to guy. That’s how she gets around like that. That's seriously the truth. She has no friends, no family in Arizona. She’s from Detroit. Her mom kicked her out the house. … She had no one to watch Daisy so the only way she was going to come on the show was if they said she could bring the dog. Because this is a small dog.; [the producers] were like “You know what the hell, its something new to add to the show that’s never happened before.” I’m glad she brought Daisy... but she is disgusting. Like there were times when she was pulling bloody pads out of the trashcan… Johnny and Avery don’t walk the dog. They lay in the bed all morning and the god d*** dog has already doo-doo'd twice. We come home there is always doo-doo on the stairs. Our house smelled so bad.”

Nia on her fight with Johnny:

“Johnny is all of maybe 14-years-old at this point. He still plays with Pokémon cards, he’s never had any pu**y in his life before Avery. He is like a little girl. My expectations are very low for him.”

“This is what happened: he had the dog, obviously he threw the snotty rag on me and when I walked away he came back towards me and threw a drink in my face. Those punches were all delivered and that justified me grabbing the hairdryer for round 2 –eh maybe I shouldn’t have done that, But at the same time, I’m not a fighter. The first fight I got into was my last fight and I was 16 years old. I don’t touch people. I don’t violate people. People respect me and I respect them, or they keep their distance. To have somebody yet again bring spit to a verbal fight, I was over it. I was like “I have to teach these punk ass red necks a lesson.”

Nia reflecting on her fight with Avery and Avery's unfair advantage:

“[Avery] waited for me to turn around and that’s when she grabbed me. That’s why I busted her a** in the back of the head like that. I was like “dude I asked you not to hit me from behind, do you want a piece or not, and you wait for me to turn around.”... As soon as the door opens you see Avery jump at me, grab my hair and start punching me. Jordan, who hates my guts at this point, is holding me with his arm completely wrapped around my chest. The next day my whole area under my bra was completely bruised from how hard he was holding me. What was I supposed to do? Thankfully all 3 of those first swings, she missed. But at the same time she still had an unfair advantage. Johnny didn’t grab her until she had already swung.”

Nia doesn't believe Avery won the fight:

“Avery thinks she won because she pulled out my clip in extension and she scratched me under my nose. I mean I’m not from the hood but that is not, that doesn’t dictate the winner of a fight. The winner of a fight is who has the most licks.”

Nia believes Avery and Jordan need to move out... Or else:

“I’m gonna hit you every time I see you. When you sleep, when you’re taking a s***, when you’re in the shower, when you’re on the computer, and when you’re saying your prayers. Or you can move out my house. [Avery] didn’t believe me and that’s why she got rocked one good last time in the bathroom, which ended up turning into 4 good times and what the f*** do you think happened? I think they got the point.”

Links to Nia Moore's full appearance can be found on YouTube and iTunes.



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