ILBA Coffee School Fills Summer Classes Two Months in Advance!

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As the current condition of the economy has many feeling uncertain about their financial future, Coffee Schools like The Ivy League Barista Academy in San Diego, California educate motivated entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts on the expansive Coffee Industry as well as cutting edge Barista Techniques and Skills that define a successful Coffee Business.

As stated by Jeremy Olshan, from MarketWatch, “Hot or iced, drip, French press, espresso, Chemex or Keurig, each of us downs about 23 gallons of joe a year on average. It’s in our blood.”

The coffee industry is exploding like never before. From new techniques being developed to accentuate tastes, to ancient techniques being brought back to life as an attempt to reconnect with the roots of coffee, the industry is expanding in ways that are only limited by one's imagination. At a time when the economy is still slow and other once booming industries are attempting to regain momentum, the coffee industry appears to remain unaffected. As stated in US Today, “Gourmet brews [and] new gadgets jolt sales for the $30 billion industry.”

After realizing the extent of the lucrative coffee industry, many have decided to enter into the world of coffee. Despite the obvious lure of financial success and personal prosperity, the always-inevitable concerns arise when looking at the possible business opportunity from a realistic standpoint. “I don’t have any experience working with coffee!” Or “I would not even know where to begin in opening such a business!” These concerns are valid and are present in any businessman or woman’s mind when venturing into an unknown world.

Luckily for the entrepreneurs who may be looking to get their piece of the pie, there are coffee experts who have had years or experience dealing with and in the coffee industry, as well as all aspects related to it. One highly regarded coffee school that has devoted their time to educate their students about the art and science of coffee is the Ivy League Barista Academy.

The Ivy League Barista Academy Coffee School is a step up from other coffee schools. Not only are the teachers some of the best coffee educators to their students, but they are also possess extensive experience working hands in the coffee field. They have experienced the day to day operations for countless years and through their personal interactions in and around different coffee shop environments, have learned the ins and outs of the industry. They know, just as many of us were taught, that the best way to excel in any area of business or aspect of life is to have a solid understanding of the environment and product that is being used and after obtaining that knowledge, using it every day for countless years to perfect their craft.

The Ivy League Barista Academy teachers are dedicated to using their broad and seasoned coffee expertise to train each and every student attending the Coffee School about the techniques and information they know results in a quality product. With the passing of this information from teacher to student, the student will have the basis that he or she needs to execute an excellent product for their potential future customers.

The Coffee School Educators here at the Ivy League Barista Academy have assisted in the opening of 500 Coffee Shop locations nationwide and are proud to that they recognize that when the type of one-on-one training occurs here at the Coffee School, the recipe to success is given to each student and as so many have done, they use it to their best advantage and open a coffee shop of their dreams.

Whether the Coffee Shop students take advantage of the 5 day training class, which includes an additional day of important management training, the Ivy League Barista Academy hosts a 4 day training class that spends an extra day covering essential advanced barista training, as well as a 3 day Barista Training Class. In addition, there is the option of adding a Private Training Day to the experience at ILBA where their experienced teachers will thoroughly cover Advanced Menu and System Development. Regardless of the training class that a student chooses, they will benefit from an in-depth exposure of the Coffee Industry.

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