The ColorView Lighting System by Tailored Lighting Celebrates 20 Years of Taking the Guess Work out of Choosing Paint, Fabric, and Tile Colors

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Marking 20 years of sales, the ColorView® Lighting System has established itself as an indispensable tool for selecting paint, fabric, carpet, and tile colors by simulating indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Billions of successful color matches by professionals and amateurs have been made using ColorView, saving time and money.

ColorView Lighting System by Tailored Lighting Inc.

The ColorView Lighting System is the #1 visual color matching tool for paint, wall coverings,flooring, and fabric.

Color matching and color selection is an everyday occurrence at design studios, do-it-yourself hardware stores, fabric shops, flooring and furniture stores. Color samples from walls, floors, and furniture are often brought to these locations to help make critical color decisions. The human mind cannot accurately remember subtle differences among colors so bringing color samples to the stores is meant to eliminate mistakes. If, however, the lighting in the store does not match the lighting in the home, mistakes will happen. The color of the samples in the store will look different than they appear in their natural environment.

In a survey, over 95% of the participants correctly chose natural daylight as the best lighting for matching colors but when asked for an explanation, most did not know the answer. Part of the answer is daylight is the main source of illumination during the day. The other part of the answer is that natural daylight contains all the colors of the rainbow allowing the human eye, still more sensitive than any electronic device, the ability to see colors accurately. So when we see colors lit by daylight, the blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and reds are evenly rendered and represented in a true and natural fashion. Artificial light sources on the other hand, such as fluorescent lights, do not render colors equally. All fluorescent sources have a large green spike in their spectrum as well as blue and red spikes. Colors rendered under fluorescent lights often look too green while the other colors appear faded and washed out. There are some fluorescent sources that claim to simulate daylight and incandescent light. Looking at their spectrum tells another story. These light sources still have the same spikes as traditional fluorescent sources with varying amounts of blue and red. The same problems occur with metal halides and LEDs. The only other light sources that are void of spikes are incandescent and halogen.

The ColorView Lighting System provides both natural daylight and incandescent light with an added bonus. The user can combine the two lighting conditions to see how the colors change as the day progresses. ColorView provides a time lapse picture of how colors change throughout the day. Because ColorView provides the two light sources that emit a continuous visible spectrum, color matches performed with ColorView will match under any and all lighting conditions including fluorescent, metal halide, and LEDs. The opposite is not true. If colors match under fluorescent, metal halide, or LEDs, they will not necessarily match under daylight or incandescent.

This point was recently driven home when Kevin McGuire, inventor of the ColorView Lighting System, was in a major hardware retailer near his home in Western New York. A clerk in the paint department was remixing a gallon of paint for a customer that had just returned it because the color did not look right when he applied it to his wall. When asked why the color was wrong the clerk replied that the lighting in the store was terrible for matching colors and the lights provided in a chip rack that claimed to provide "daylight", "fluorescent", and "incandescent" did not seem to help. Upon inspecting the chip rack, Mr. McGuire discovered all three light sources were fluorescent. The reason for the paint return was clear, the clerk did not have the proper tools to serve her customer resulting in a hit or miss technique.

ColorView is responsible for billions of successful color matches without a single complaint over two decades. The reason for this amazing record is that ColorView is based on fundamental color science and uses SoLux®, the best light source to deliver daylight. The ColorView Lighting System is the #1 visual color matching tool for paint, wall coverings, flooring, and fabric. ColorView has been installed in more than 5000 stores including Home Depot, Lowes, and Benjamin Moore.

ColorView is a patented lighting system sold by Tailored Lighting Inc., Rochester, New York, 14624. SoLux is a patented light source, also sold by Tailored Lighting Inc. SoLux provides an unparalleled replication of natural daylight. For more information, visit or call (800-254-4487).

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