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If a Home Has Undergone a Number of Remodels, Consider Returning the Home to its Original Design

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The value of a room with a view is on a par with original artwork hung on the wall.

The transformation of a dwelling into a home worthy of its occupants can take more time than most people plan on. To do a proper job of this home transformation, carefully examine the space’s key features to properly develop this dwelling into a modern home. The important features to consider are:

Architectural Details
If the property has undergone a number of remodels by previous occupants, consider stripping the remodeled editions away to get back to the original structure designed by the architect. It’s important to understand if the modifications made to the structure augment the original design, or are merely decorative add-ons to the original structure. The new occupant must also be clear what the future use of this space is to be. If the original construction suits the future use then this is a second important reason to remove the various redesigns. Undertaking the job of restoring a building to its original splendor can be painstaking. Decide whether to adhere to strict preservation guidelines: if windows need to be replaced, reframe but do not enlarge; exteriors should be cleaned, repaired and refinished but otherwise unchanged; the interior details and walls should be repaired and refinished but remain largely in place. The future use of the place may influence how strict preservation guidelines are adhered to. Visit, an online home furnishings and décor website, to identify the furniture designs that will contribute to the original splendor of your new home.

Rooms with a View
Carefully planned by the architect, the structure that provides rooms with a view should have the interior design of the home oriented around these views. The value of a room with a view is on a par with the value of original artwork hung on a wall. It is a key feature of the building’s location, the site orientation, and the construction. The surrounding environment can have a powerful effect on the eyes and minds of the occupants, producing a sense of tranquility, exhilaration (sitting on top of the world) and solitude. Picture windows also provide abundant natural light. This natural light is also a key feature to be employed by the interior design. In addition, the use of these rooms will be based on these two features – light and view.        

Amount of Space
One of the most striking things about a home is the amount of space available. Whether the dwelling is sprawling or confined it is important to reduce the amount of clutter. When the use of each space has been determined, carefully organize items according to their importance. Decide if an existing item - furniture/décor/paper - has true sentimental value. Downsizing can lead to an inspiring fresh start in a new home. Downsizing can also apply to the intended use of the space. Will a studio, home office, den or workroom really be used? If not, in a confined space certain furniture selections can do occasional double duty. Minimalism can apply to possessions as well as ambitions (good intentions). First and foremost, the home is a sanctuary from the bustle of the outside world.    

Nature of the Space
An open, spacious room with a view, off of the entry way, has a public nature and will be useful as the meeting room for the family on game night, the formal space for entertaining guests, a place to enjoy music and movies with others. Specific furniture will accommodate these needs. Rooms deeper within the home have a more intimate nature and are suitable for relaxing and personal pastimes. Often the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms occupy this area of a home. Rooms receiving a lot of sunlight are often finished in neutral colors or neutral colors with a hint of color. The private spaces deeper within the structure may benefit from a more dramatic use of color that characterizes the personal use of this area.

The smaller spaces will need careful consideration in the arrangement of furniture. The movement in and around these rooms must be carefully considered for the room to be functional. Applying the concept of asymmetry to the arrangement of furniture in small rooms can visually help the room feel more expansive. A completely balanced furniture layout can make a room looked cramped.

A home reflects a state of mind. Feel restricted in personal space? Maybe it’s time to adopt a different perspective for the use of each space. Having a minimalist home style is about having the right kind of mindset. Be careful to pick the perfect pieces of furniture for your home. is one source for the perfect furniture designs to give you the right perspective.

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