DietAssist asks - Which is better, an apple or pear shaped body?

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DietAssist highlights that it is important to know because our body shape determines metabolic destiny according to a recent study.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology showed that among other health problems, apple shapes have a greater risk of kidney disease.

The study found that apple shaped persons, i.e. with increased belly fat, even if totally healthy and with normal blood pressure levels, will have elevated blood pressure in their kidneys. If they are also overweight or obese, this is even worse.

The study shows once again the wide ranging damage that obesity causes, but it also shows that the terms "apple" and "pear" have fallen out of favour.

Nowadays it is more common to hear terms like "belly fat", "beer belly” or "pot belly". Whereas in the past terms like “apple” and “pear” shaped descriptions for overweight people.

Once upon a time, however, both shapes were wandering about. Apple shaped people store fat above their waist with skinny legs and visceral fat that surrounds their internal organs, inflicting serious metabolic havoc.

Pear-shaped folks, on the other hand, have what's called subcutaneous fat directly under their skin that typically hangs out on their hips, thighs, and butt. In other words, pears store this less-harmful fat below their waist.

A 2007 study in the journal Obesity (Silver Springs) showed that among middle-aged Americans, 50 percent of men and 70 percent of women now exceed the waist circumference threshold for abdominal obesity. In other words, the majority of them fall into the apple category.

DietAssist recommends that the apple shaped variety of person really needs to take steps to change their eating behaviours and lose weight. The DietAssist programme is a great way to lose belly fat, as it changes the way people relate to food and helps them to deal with cravings.

The DietAssist programme also helps people to reduce stress, as stress is believed to increase cortisol, which does two things really well: this hormone breaks down muscle and stores fat and raised cortisol also triggers stress eating, leading to weight gain. DietAssist recognise that stress management is a necessity and so the programme helps people to reduce stress in their lives, regardless of the source.

DietAssist suggest that people take the first step in reducing their apple shaped bodies by simply taking action to to lose a stone in weight in weight. In the recent DietAssist challenge, where six people did the DietAssist programme for just six weeks, the minimum weight loss was 14 lbs and the majority found that they could lose 2 stone in the six weeks. So, in just six weeks, it’s possible for some people to go from apple shaped to something more like apple core shaped, or at least an apple with quite a few bites out of it.

The DietAssist programme helps dieters strengthen their motivation and resolve, and creates the optimum psychological state for success. It is designed to work alongside any weight loss programme or sensible eating plan.

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