Texan Roofing Introduces New Radiant Barrier Services

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Radiant Barrier Services Now Available to Customers Throughout Houston Area

People all over the country are trying to save money, and Texas homeowners have learned that they can lower utility bills by blocking radiant heat from the sun. Keeping this heat out of the home makes it easier to cool the property and lower energy bills. Texan Roofing is now offering radiant barriers that will effectively cool the home and help people save money.

Installation Options
Radiant barriers can be stapled in place, or property owners can choose a paint that covers the interior surfaces. Quality roofing in Katy, Texas, will offer both options, so homeowners can choose the one that suits their home and budget better through the new services provided by Texan Roofing. Estimates are free, and the technician can explain the different options and why one may be better than another. Generally, the stapled barrier is ideal for attics with large open spaces, but the paint may work better if an attic has appliances, supports and other structures that would make foil installation difficult.

Effective Radiant Barriers
The sun warms the shingles on a home, and conduction moves that energy to the underside of the sheathing. There, the radiant heat starts moving from the top of the attic to the attic floor, through the insulation and into the living space below. Installed along the roof decking in an attic, the barrier reflects radiant heat that comes through a roof. The main area of the attic stays cooler, insulation remains cooler and the temperature throughout the home will be reduced.

Lower Bills and Fewer Repairs
In addition to lowering energy bills, radiant barriers from Texan Roofing in Katy will also make home air conditioners last longer. When the heat from the sun radiates into a home and warms the living area, air conditioners have to work harder to cool the home. They strain for long periods of time, and that causes them to wear out faster. With radiant barriers in place, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. The strain is minimized, allowing the air conditioner to last longer and require fewer repairs.

Homeowners who are seeking ways to reduce their energy bills appreciate passive changes that provide them with financial gains long after they are installed. Radiant barriers are ideal for reducing radiant heat entering a home and making it more energy efficient. In addition to lower energy bills, it also lowers HVAC repair expenses. Available from experienced companies like Texan Roofing, this simple change can make a large difference in homeowner’s utility bills this summer.

The team at Texan Roofing is a family owned business in Katy, Texas. They first started offering home improvement projects in 2005, and they incorporated in 2007. Serving Houston and the surrounding areas, the company has built a solid reputation by providing customers with the highest quality work. Team members are highly trained and qualified to handle most roofing projects. They are prepared to handle projects ranging from simple leaks to full replacements and new roofs.

Members of the Better Business Bureau, they are very proud of their A+ rating with zero complaints. They treat customers like family members and will send a quality control representative out to inspect every job and ensure that customers are completely satisfied. They are happy to provide free estimates, and can be reached at 866-782-6036.

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