Experts at MedLaser Depot Herald Bladeless LASIK Advances

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MedLaser Depot responds to a new article about bladeless LASIK surgery.

Bladeless LASIK surgery is not necessarily new, but, according to MedLaser Depot, it is getting better and better all the time. A recent article from Hive Health Media confirms as much, noting the myriad benefits that bladeless LASIK can bring. Useful for correcting both long and shortsightedness, as well as other ocular maladies, bladeless LASIK relies on laser technology, rather than a scalpel, to create a small incision in the cornea, allowing surgeons to work inside the eye itself. MedLaser Depot has issued a new statement to the press, highlighting some of the findings in this new article.

“Bladeless LASIK offers many advantages, including the fact that it is quick, it is painless, and it leaves the patient with total comfort—to say nothing of markedly improved vision!”, MedLaser Depot notes, in its press statement. “The process is basically this: The surgeon used a few drops to numb the eye, and then cuts a small flap in the cornea, using a laser rather than a traditional scalpel. The surgeon then lifts that flap, reshapes the tissue within the eye by using an excimer laser, and that’s that. It takes about 15 minutes, and the patient can go home to resume normal activities after just a short period of rest and recuperation.”

There are actually two different kinds of laser used in bladeless LASIK. The first is the that should be laser, a small, portable laser that is used to make the initial cut, in lieu of a traditional knife blade. The second is the excimer laser, which does not generate heat and is extremely precise—making it ideal for surgeons as they seek to reshape the tissue in the eye.

The Hive Health Media article also makes note of a recent University of Michigan study, which finds that those who undergo bladeless LASIK have roughly the same long-term benefits—and the same small risk of complications and dry eye—as those who receive traditional procedures.

Summarizes the Health Hive Mind article, “Laser vision correction has undergone many improvements over the years and eye health experts now consider Bladeless LASIK (Femtosecond) as the gold standard of vision correction.”

“The truly great news is that this procedure opens some doors for those who are ineligible to receive traditional LASIK,” observes MedLaser Depot. “Those who have thin corneas are sometimes not allowed to undergo traditional LASIK, but this bladeless procedure could still be an option.”

MedLaser Depot is a company that provides medical lasers to medical professionals across the country. The company also offers services in laser repair and maintenance, and it also refurbishes older lasers, making them available at lowered prices.

“The bottom line with this article is that it reveals just how essential lasers are to modern medicine,” notes MedLaser Depot.


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