Compelling Content is Key for Business Copy, According to Sam Lehrer

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Sam Lehrer, founder of The Laser Outlet, speaks out on the key components of appropriate business copy.

Sam Lehrer, who is the owner of The Laser Outlet, knows just how important compelling copy is when it comes to building a business. From attracting potential clients to sharing necessary information with possible investors, strong business copy is a must for any successful brand. Sam is issuing comment on a new article that discusses exactly what makes business writing pop.

Many business owners are so overwhelmed by their “to do” list that they quickly fire off copy without thinking about how it sounds to the average reader. An individual must make it a point to write in a way that is approachable and appealing. While slang should be avoided, an entrepreneur should also steer clear of churning out a piece of writing that is so thick with adjectives and big words that a reader must have a dictionary on-hand to understand its meaning.

Avoiding repetition is another important for successfully crafting business copy. Just as a person gets bored when a friend tells the same story over and over, reusing the same words and phrases can quickly make copy feel tired. To avoid this situation, an entrepreneur should make it a point to read their finished product aloud. This helps to make repetitive words or phrases easier to identify and remove.

Sam Lehrer supports this trend, noting, “Unfortunately, the eye often sees what it wants to see, instead of picking up on what is in front of it. A business professional may think the words they are using a new and fresh, when they are actually found over and over again in the piece. Reading out loud helps the individual to hear the words as a new consumer would, thus highlighting any passages that require modification.”

Even the most well-educated business professionals are not free from committing spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, and should keep these potential slip ups in mind as they write. A business quickly loses credibility when the copy on its website mixes up “lose” and “loose” or “then” and “than.” To ensure that the words look professional, a writer should carefully scan the document to verify that careless errors have not occurred during the writing process.

Business owners must also verify that their content is in line with the business’s voice and values. A law firm should avoid incorporating casual phrases like “you guys.” On the other hand, a whimsical frozen yogurt stand should refrain from incorporating jargon and complex words into the company’s copy.

Sam Lehrer encourages business owners to get an extra set of eyes on any company copy stating, “An objective point of view can help to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the text, thus helping to make it perfect.”


Sam Lehrer is the founder of The Laser Outlet, and is a well-respected business professional. He places a heavy emphasis on organization, time management, and clear communication when it comes to all of his business dealings. A graduate of the University of Florida, Lehrer is fluent in four languages and values participating in philanthropic works.

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