Niemann Capital Management Strategies Awarded "Top Gun" Rankings at PSN

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HWM recommended active investment advisor Niemann Capital Management receives "Top Gun" ranking from PSN for investment performance for the first quarter of 2013.

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Of course, the real prize is the trust our clients have placed with us and their continued satisfaction as we work toward reaching their investment goals.

Halbert Wealth Management, Inc. (HWM) is pleased to announce that three of the These actively managed investment strategies offered through its AdvisorLink® Program have recently captured PSN’s “Top Gun” rating for the first quarter of 2013, with one also being awarded the “Top Gun” ranking for the trailing year ending March 31, 2013. PSN is the longest running investment manager database in North America. To reach the “Top Gun” level, an investment strategy must be a top-five performer in its category for a given time frame.

The Niemann Capital Management (NCM) Dynamic Strategy, which fully invests in U.S. equity ETFs, received “Top Gun” ranking for its performance over Q1 2013 with a 14.65% net return (after fees) vs. 10.61% for the S&P 500 Index (including reinvestment of dividends). The Dynamic Strategy was also recognized as a “Top Gun” for its performance of 24.89% net of fees over the trailing one-year period ending March 31, 2013, compared to only 13.96% by the S&P 500 Index.

Niemann’s Risk-Managed and Global Opportunity Strategies were also awarded “Top Gun” status for their performance over the first quarter of 2013 in which they posted gains of 14.06% and 8.78%, respectively. Like Dynamic, Risk Managed invests only in domestic equity ETFs with betas lower than 1.0, while Global Opportunity has the flexibility to invest in ETFs representing virtually any market or sector on a global scale. Unlike Dynamic, both Risk Managed and Global Opportunity are tactical strategies that can increase cash allocations to help protect against downside losses.

HWM President and CEO, Gary D. Halbert, observed, “We have been offering our clients access to Niemann’s programs for over 10 years, so it’s no surprise to us that they have been recognized by PSN as 'Top Gun' performers in their various categories. With some of the longest actual track records among the investments we recommend, we have been very pleased with the long-term performance and risk management offered by Niemann.”

These actively managed investment strategies were developed by Don Niemann, NCM’s founder and Chief Investment Officer. Regarding the recent PSN recognition, Niemann said, “We are very pleased with being named ‘Top Guns’ by PSN and hope to continue a leadership role in risk-managed performance. Of course, the real prize is the trust our clients have placed with us and their continued satisfaction as we work toward reaching their investment goals."

About Niemann Capital Management, Inc.: NCM provides actively managed equity and fixed income strategies that seek to outperform major indexes over a complete market cycle. Founded in 1991, NCM has navigated clients through some of the most difficult markets in history with its Risk-Balanced Opportunity™ approach to investing, generating long-term, market-beating results. NCM’s strategies are not trapped in style boxes that typically go out of favor at various phases of a market cycle. They are unconstrained and free to roam wherever opportunities exist. NCM offers fully invested strategies for investors with significant diversification and risk-managed strategies for investors seeking more decisive downside protection.

For more information on NCM’s Dynamic, Risk Managed and Global Opportunity Strategies, please visit:

About Halbert Wealth Management, Inc.: HWM is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor located in Austin, Texas. HWM’s underlying investment philosophy is that individual investors should be able to enjoy the same advantages as large, institutional investors like foundations, endowments and pension funds. These sophisticated investors recognize the need to diversify into alternative strategies that actively manage assets rather than simply buying and holding.

Since 1995, HWM has offered clients access to a wide spectrum of specialized money managers representing a variety of active management strategies. Many of these money managers are smaller, boutique firms that might never gain investor visibility if not for being included in HWM’s flagship AdvisorLink® Program.

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  • Disclosure

Although the PSN rankings have been obtained from and is based upon a source Niemann and Halbert Wealth believe to be reliable, we do not guarantee its accuracy and the information may be incomplete or condensed. Some managers in the PSN database might not report returns as frequently as others. This could impact the overall rankings. For more information on HWM or NCM please consult HWM Form ADV Part 2, NCM Form ADV Part 2 and Niemann’s Annual Disclosure Presentation, 2012, available at no charge upon request. Any offer or solicitation can only be made by way of the Form ADV Part 2.

As a benchmark for comparison, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index (which includes dividends) represents an unmanaged, passive buy-and-hold approach. The volatility and investment characteristics of the S&P 500 may differ materially (more or less) from that of the Advisor, and this Index cannot be invested in directly. The performance of the S & P 500 Stock Index is not meant to imply that investors should consider an investment in the Niemann trading programs as comparable to an investment in the “blue chip” stocks that comprise the S & P 500 Stock Index. Historical performance data is provided by the Advisor and include all actual, fee-paying fully discretionary accounts managed by Niemann in this strategy. Each account included in the composite is added after it has been under active management for at least one full month. A closed account is included through the last full calendar month that it was actively managed. See the Annual Disclosure Presentation, 2012 for more details. Through April 1, 2010, the performance does not include investment in exchange traded funds. Performance after that date may include investment in exchange traded funds and, as a result, may differ materially. Statistics for “Worst Drawdown” are calculated as of month-end. Drawdowns within a month may have been greater. PAST RESULTS ARE NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. Any investment in a mutual fund or ETF carries the risk of loss.

Performance results are presented net of transaction costs and Niemann’s actual management fees. Niemann’s annual management fees vary from 1% to 2.3%. Additionally, mutual funds (including exchange traded funds and variable annuities (collectively referred to as “Funds”) charge various fees, all of which are disclosed in the Funds’ prospectuses, along with potential trading restrictions. Such fees are borne by shareholders and are reflected in the net asset values of the Funds. All dividends and capital gains have been reinvested. “Annualized” returns take into account compounding of earnings over the course of an investment’s actual track record. The results shown are for a limited time period and may not be representative of the results that would be achieved over a full market cycle or in different economic and market environments.

Be sure to read the complete disclosures for each program before making a decision to invest.

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