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Checklists are important tools for any mom who has a hectic schedule. Even those with the most well planned day can benefit from the additional organizational support that a checklist provides. Parenting is tough and having a great to-do list makes sure nothing is forgotten, so each day can be perfect. A Checklist can even help the entire family save time and plan their busy day better. describes 6 top checklists that help busy moms manage their time better and stay in control:

1) Babysitter Checklist

When a mom places the well being of her child in the hands of another, it is essential that the babysitter know exactly how to care for that child. Most babysitters, even those at so-called professional agencies, are not formally trained on how to take care of a baby; many of them do not even have children themselves!

By creating a babysitter checklist, a mom will give herself peace of mind as well as to her babysitter. The babysitter will generally look for as much guidance about the child as they can get so that they do not have to enter a situation blind!

2) Kids Party Checklist (for birthdays, graduations, and more…)

What makes a perfect party is “Preparation." A perfect party requires fun activities, pleasurable guests, great food and enjoyable music. Parents should prepare by having a comprehensive check list to make sure that everything is under control and that they are not forgetting anything.

A good party planning checklist will help moms remember to get the right music, right food, right entertainment and right people to have fun with. Yes, preparation is the rule of the game!

3) Grocery Shopping Checklist

Studies have shown that keeping a grocery shopping checklist not only leads to shorter trips to the store, but also to a healthier diet. Having a list also helps a household save money.

The logic behind the grocery list is simple: If a mom knows exactly where to go in a store before entering, she will not be distracted by the impulse products that stores place strategically to get her to spend more money. Not surprisingly, most of these impulse items are candy bars, TV dinners and other unhealthy eating options.

4) Cleaning Checklist

Most cleaning products are so similar that if a homeowner does not keep a list, he or she is bound to forget something. Writing this cleaning list down helps to keep the bathroom soap scum cleaner from somehow turning into the kitchen oven scrub cleaner.

5) Travel Packing Checklist

Packing to travel is kind of like going grocery shopping in one’s own closet: If a person does not know exactly what they need to take, they will likely take everything and unduly burden themselves with things that they don’t need.

Additionally, having a packing checklist helps when shopping for new items that are needed for the trip as well.

6) Time Management Strategies Checklist

As everyone's life gets faster and faster with more responsibility, time management is a skill that is in high demand. Moms, however, do not need the help of a professional to have great time management skills. The trick is to take a little time out every week to plan a time management strategies checklist and stick to it. Additionally, simply writing down goals goes a long way in accomplishing them. offers moms pre-populated versions of these checklists and more on the new Checklist Genie app for iPhone and iPad.

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