New Forms of Clean Energy for Indiana Home Owners

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Home Comfort Geo helps Indiana residents explore natural energy sources.

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Clean forms of energy are becoming more and more popular in residential and commercial settings. As more people are looking to reduce costs and reduce their impact on the environment, clean energy sources are improving and becoming more readily available for the average person. Much of the clean energy sources that were once too expensive or not even available to people in various locations are coming down in price and becoming a viable option. The most common forms of clean energy that home owners may want to consider include:


Solar energy uses energy from the sun to create power. The sun’s energy has been harnessed for thousands of years in various ways. More and more commercial and government buildings are turning to solar energy to help cut costs and help them save money for other areas. The technology used to harness solar energy is also improving and becoming less costly making it more and more feasible for home owners to consider. For anyone who lives in a sunny location, solar energy is a good option to consider.


Geothermal energy uses heat from inside the earth to create useable energy. It is arguably one of the cleanest forms of energy available. It is cost effective and reliable and is now available in more geographic locations than it once was. For home owners in Indiana, Indiana geothermal is now an option and may be more reliable than solar energy. It is typically used as a heat source for homes.

Wind power

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy to useful energy using large turbines. Unlike solar energy or geothermal energy which can easily be installed in individual homes, wind energy most often relies on large wind farms. However advances are being made in residential units that can power large appliances or in some cases entire houses. Wind energy provides one of the lowest impacts on the environment of all clean energy sources. It accounts for a very small portion of worldwide energy use but it is growing.

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