Common Issues That May Impact Energy Efficiency

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Green Home Solutions offers Cleveland residents easy fixes for improving their homes’ environmental impact and energy spend.

With the cost of just about everything seeming to climb as steadily as the summer temperatures, home owners are always looking for ways to save money. From eco-friendly products to various tips designed to help people increase their energy and save money, consumers are constantly being made aware of ways they can boost efficiency. However, there isn’t much information on HVAC issues that are easily fixed that may be reducing efficiency.

•Dirty AC filters: The rate in which an air conditioning filter should be changed can depend on the quality of filter used, the amount of contaminants in any given home, and the amount of time an air conditioning is running. However, the general rule is to change the filter once per month. Higher-quality filters can be changed less, but in some cases a filter should be changed more frequently. A dirty filter can impede air flow and force a Cleveland air conditioning unit to work harder.

•Air flow is impeded around the condenser: Dust, dirt, and yard debris can build up and collect in the outdoor condenser which can force it to work harder. Any grass, shrubs or trees near the condenser should be kept trimmed and out of reach of the condenser. Shrubs or trees can help shade a condenser, which can be helpful, but they shouldn’t be too close that they prevent or impede good air flow around the unit.

•Weather stripping isn’t intact: Over time, weather stripping around doors can break down and it may not block air from coming in or going out as well as it used to. Check weather stripping for cracks or damage and repair as needed.

•Humidity levels are too high: Opening the doors at night if it is cool may sound like an easy way to save money, but if the humidity levels are high it can actually make the air conditioner work harder when it does come on again. If it isn’t cool enough not to run the air conditioning during some part of the day, it is best to keep doors and windows closed even if it is cool outside.

•An AC system needs maintenance: Regular maintenance to AC systems can help prevent issues and ensure that each component is functioning properly and efficiently. Small problems like leaks, low coolant levels, or loose screws can all impact an air conditioning systems ability to run efficiently and it could cost more each month to run than it should.

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