50 Kids Age 3 to 10 Complete Program To Prevent Childhood Sexual Molestation Using The Bee Wise Kids™ Educational Curriculum

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Over 50 kids ranging from 3 to 10 years of age are now able to identify and prevent Childhood Sexual Molestation following their completion of a Bee Wise Kids™ curriculum based course at the Lone Star Camp Resort in Athens, Texas. This highly successful, life protecting and transformational event can now be duplicated by parents and groups around the country to protect and empower children, according to a Raymond King, co-founder of the Bee Wise Kids™ program.

It is also important that the parent goes through the Bee Wise Kids™ program with the children to add their authority and point out the child which specific adults the child should go to if needing to report any inappropriate activity they've encountered

As most parents have learned, talking to kids, especially very young kids, about how to recognize potentially dangerous sexual situations and how they can protect themselves from potential abuse is a daunting task. In fact, most parents don’t have a clue as to how to protect their children from danger through instruction, many choosing to ignore the subject completely, hoping or just not imagining that their child would ever be the victim of childhood sexual molestation.

Sadly, the statistics show that the occurrence of childhood sexual molestation is extremely common, often perpetuated by trusted family members, friends of the family or even persons the child views as in positions of authority.

Determined to find a means to help children learn to recognize the dangers and protect themselves as much as possible, Raymond and Susan King created the nationally acclaimed Bee Wise Kids™ education program for which they have received endorsement and praise from across the US.

In an a 5-day educational series just concluded at the Lone Star Camp Retreat in Athens, Texas, the King’s taught using over 50 children, ages 3 to 10 with great success.

Using kid-simple terms such as “good touch”, “bad touch” and “public parts”, “private parts”, the Bee Wise Kids™ educational program gets through to kids in a way that most parents aren’t equipped to communicate.

“It was so rewarding,” said Raymond King,” to see how quickly the kids were able to identify with and learn from the program.

“But while they may be like ‘sponges’ in the speed they learn, it is also clear that after the initial learning, they need to have that knowledge reinforced periodically, so it’s very important that parents learn the vocabulary and teaching approach to reinforce their child’s training.

“It is also important that the parent goes through the Bee Wise Kids™ program with the children to add their authority and point out the child which specific adults the child should go to if needing to report any inappropriate activity they’ve encountered.”

Fortunately, the Bee Wise Kids™ program is available to parents and organizations by contacting the King’s at their Greensboro, NC headquarters.

Upcoming events led by the King’s this summer will include workshops in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Georgia but parents and organizations are encouraged to procure the program and to conduct their own seminars to protect their kids from the lifelong trauma that can be caused by being a victim of childhood sexual molestation.

About BEE WISE KIDS’ Creator, Raymond King:

Raymond S. King Jr. and his wife, Susan King, felt a special calling to develop the BEE WISE KIDS program after recognizing the destruction to people’s lives caused by Childhood Sexual Molestation. He is active as a public speaker, traveling regularly across the US to address audiences of both young people and adults. He can be heard on his weekly radio program at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/shmradio
King actually lives a “double life” as a religious educator and an entrepreneur, owner of Products Plus, a manufacturing company for natural-based personal care products to include Ultimate Desire for Men ED formula, Simplee Natural Moisturizing Crème and IPF Pain Relief Lotion, all available from Amazon. Part of the profits from his product sales goes to support his ministry.

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LGM is a supporter of Raymond King’s BEE WISE KIDS program and applauds its ability to make a positive difference in so many people’s lives through its ground-up approach to reach and educate parents and local leaders, and to empower the children themselves. http://www.LexisGlobalMarketing.com

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