“Facebook Hacker Download Creates 12 Million New Facebook Hackers Annually” Says idcloak’s Welles

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idcloak research suggests the Facebook hacker download is a major contributor of the $110 billion stolen annually through cybercrime.

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Cyber fraud relies on getting hold of identity data and Facebook is the perfect identity data source.

idcloak’s security team have found that approximately one million English-speakers every month search online under ‘Facebook hack password.’ The free hacking services that appear on the first page of the search results would enable even an unskilled miscreant to gain control of others’ Facebook accounts.

“The public has no idea just how vulnerable their personal data is to snoops, cyber thieves and stalkers,” says idcloak’s Robin Welles. “The free Facebook hacker download allows these groups to gain access to your account without being noticed.”

The motivations behind Facebook hacking are certainly varied, Welles admits, but the evidence suggests cyber theft is a primary goal. “Cyber fraud relies on getting hold of identity data and Facebook is the perfect identity data source. Norton places the annual cost of cyber crime at around $110 billion. Couple this with Facebook's 2011 announcement that 600,000 accounts were hacked each day and I think it’s fair to say Facebook hacking is a major contributor to cyber theft. For obvious reasons, Facebook has chosen not to release any further figures on this subject since 2011.”

As to why users have not discovered the extent of this threat themselves, Welles points to two main reasons, “First, victims of cyber theft are generally the last people to know how they were hit. They are more interested in reclaiming lost funds than getting involved in security forensics. This means most victims of any kind of hack tend to stay silent.”

“The second reason so few people fear Facebook hacking is the media. Press reports on the subject tend to be very light-hearted; for example, BBC’s latest story on a Facebook hack was that Peppa Pig World’s profile had been broken into and… parents got angry. It’s hardly surprising the threat is not taken seriously.”

For those wanting to keep their account safe, Welles had this to say, “Facebook’s own settings, such as login approval and login notifications, offer ample protection and take only a minute to activate. It’s just a question of caring enough to do even this much. People need to recognize that, thanks to search engines, everyone indirectly ‘knows’ how to hack a Facebook account. Once you accept that, the incentive to seek protection shouldn’t be too hard to muster.”

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Written by Terence Shull

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