eVacuumStore.com Announces the Best Rated Bagged Canister Vacuums for 2013

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With the year about halfway over, the online hub for vacuum cleaners, evacuumstore.com, offers reviews of the top rated bagged canister vacuum cleaners.

Determine which bagged canister vacuum is right for you with help from the ratings and reviews offered by eVacuumStore.

The debate over which style of vacuum cleaner is the pinnacle of performance is one that occurs in households everywhere. With styles ranging from canister to upright vacuums, it's no wonder why the decision can be a tough one to make. Generally speaking however, canister vacuum cleaners have proven time after time that their versatility and lightweight design tends to be favored by consumers. As a result, they are in the spotlight more often than not throughout the vacuum cleaner industry as well as the general public. In order to alleviate the pressure of which canister vacuum is most suitable, eVacuumStore.com has compiled a list of the top ten highest rated bagged canister vacuum cleaners for consumer convenience.

The top spot on the list belongs to a Miele vacuum cleaner called the Miele Uniq S8990. The Miele S8990 is part of the brand's newest series known as the S8 series, and offers 1200 watts of Miele vortex motor power. For the best filtration, this canister vacuum utilizes a HEPA filter as well as high capacity dust bags, both of which are very useful features for pet owners. Regardless of the predominant surface style in residences, the Miele Uniq offers a variety of on-board attachments which will render both carpets and bare floors spotless; among these tools is the SEB236 Electro Premium powerhead with a five-height adjustment. These high performance qualities in addition to other features like LED lights on the belly of the vacuum and the hose, serve to prove why the Miele Uniq S8990 took home the gold in the list of top rated bagged canister vacuums.

Making its way to the list in the second spot is the Power Team Perfect C101 canister vacuum. This particular machine is modeled after the older style metal Electrolux vacuum cleaners, which means it will offer both familiar usability and nostalgia to those that grew up with one in their home. The metal body of this Perfect canister vacuum offers excellent durability, while rubber wheels and the bumper surrounding the machine prevent damage to floors and furniture. The L-shaped power nozzle provides for a simplified cleaning around and underneath furniture as well as on carpets.

The third spot on the top rated bagged canister vacuums list belongs to another member of the Miele S8 series. The Miele Kona S8390 wields the high performing SEB228 power nozzle which has a five-height adjustment for carpets of varying length. With an active HEPA filter and electronic suction controls located on the handle, this Miele vacuum provides an excellent combination of convenience and performance power.

Number four on the list is the brethren of the Perfect C101, which appeared at number two. The Power Team Perfect C103 is also modeled after the older style Electrolux canister vacuums, but is made from a sturdy plastic rather than metal. This provides for a lighter weight design, but does not sacrifice any performance power.

The Electrolux Ultrasilencer EL7060A secures number five on the list. This Electrolux vacuum is constructed with a double hull, that when coupled with sound absorbing technology, makes it the quietest machine available today. The deep clean power nozzle and sealed HEPA filtration of the Electrolux Ultrasilencer canister vacuum offers families a noticeably cleaner home.

SEBO shows up on the list at number six with the SEBO Airbelt D4 canister vacuum with ET-1 power nozzle. The Airbelt D4 SEBO vacuum makes quick work of wall-to-wall carpeting thanks to its ET-1 powerhead, while the flat-to-the-floor feature makes cleaning under furniture easier than ever.

Lucky number seven belongs to the third Miele vacuum to grace the top ten list of bagged canister vacuums. The Miele Titan S2181 canister vacuum cleaner offers a six-level suction control as well as a variety of attachments to maintain the integrity living areas. The HEPA filter and SEB217-3 power nozzle are ideal features for consumers with pets, but are also highly effective in a pet-free household.

Electrolux makes a comeback by securing the eighth spot in the rankings with the Electrolux Jetmaxx EL4040A. This canister vacuum offers Electrolux brand quality in a lightweight package, as the Jetmaxx weighs only 11 pounds. Regardless of its lightweight design, the EL4040A Electrolux vacuum utilizes HEPA filtration and deep cleaning attachments for a high quality level of cleaning.

The number nine position goes to the Panasonic MC-CG902 canister vacuum. The on/off brush roll switch allows for an easy transition from carpets to bare floors, while the four-height adjustment caters to the needs of both low and high pile carpeting.

Last, but certainly not least is the Bissell DigiPro 6900. This unique Bissell vacuum utilizes digital sensor technology that automatically adjusts the height of the brush roll based on the length of the carpet being cleaned. The on-board attachments and powerful, 12 amp motor further prove why this Bissell canister vacuum cleaner successfully made its way into the top ten bagged canister vacuum cleaners recommended for 2013.

By Zack Currier

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