Apnix Sleep Diagnostics Introduces Latest Houston Sleep Apnea Treatments

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Houston-area residents suffering from sleep disorders can visit Apnix Sleep Diagnostics for the latest treatment options.

For many years, residents from the Houston area and beyond have been visiting the Apnix Sleep Diagnostics center for effective treatments for this sleep disorder. Recently, the company has announced new sleep apnea treatments to benefit its patients.

The Diagnostic Process
When new patients visit the Apnix Sleep Diagnostics center, they will undergo an extensive diagnostic process. Because this is a chronic sleep condition, it is necessary to monitor patients while asleep in order to confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea. There are many sleep disorders that may affect a person’s quality of sleep, and this is just one of them. Patients will spend one or more nights in the facility during the diagnostic stage. The facility has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that allows tests like electrocardiography, electro-oculography, electroencephalography and others to be performed. These are non-invasive tests that are performed while the patient is asleep. In addition, the facility also has luxury accommodations that give the patient the experience of staying in a fine hotel overnight. This promotes more accurate results from the testing process while ensuring that the patient is relaxed and at ease while staying overnight in the sleep lab facility.

The Treatment Options
When patients are diagnosed with sleep apnea at the Apnix Sleep Diagnostics center, they will then learn about the advanced and effective treatment options available. There are several treatment options that may be used to treat individuals, and factors like their overall health status, treatment preferences and the severity of their condition will all be taken into account. The knowledgeable team at Apnix Sleep Diagnostics will provide treatment options that include lifestyle changes, non-surgical CPAP treatments and more. In some cases, surgery is the best solution, but Apnix Sleep Diagnostics has successfully helped many people who suffer from sleep apnea to alleviate symptoms without the need for surgery. Part of the treatment process includes ongoing guidance and therapist support, providing patients with replacement supplies and reminders and periodic review of symptoms to ensure the best results from treatment.

Chronic sleep apnea is a health condition that causes a person to have shallow or troubled breathing while asleep, meaning the individual may not benefit from a full or restful night of sleep. Because this condition can affect the quality of sleep on an on-going basis, it ultimately can affect a person’s quality of life and can lead to more significant health issues. For example, those who suffer from this health condition may be susceptible to fatigue, confusion and lack of focus during the day, and they also may be at an increased risk for developing health issues like heart failure, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can have a harsh and significant impact on a person’s life. Those who have been diagnosed with this condition or who have symptoms of the condition and need to receive an accurate diagnosis should contact Apnix Sleep Diagnostics to schedule an appointment today. This initial step can begin the diagnostic process so that a safe, effective treatment option is provided.

Apnix Sleep Diagnostics has successfully helped tens of thousands of patients with effective treatment for sleep apnea over its 11 year history. Individuals who believe that they have sleep apnea can contact the company to schedule an initial appointment to begin the diagnostic and treatment process. Those who would like to schedule an appointment can call 713-343-5380.

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