New Tell All Book Shares Tips and Tricks on Outsmarting Summer’s Most Invasive Pests and Bugs

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Offering one of the most comprehensive examinations of Canadian and American bugs and pests on the market, entomologist Dr. Roger Fogain’s new book published by FriesenPress, provides practical advice on controlling almost all of North America’s pesky and dangerous bugs and pests. With experience in 36 countries Fogain says hot, dry and humid summers leave more irritants and carnage behind if bug and pest problems are not correctly identified and quickly addressed.

In his new book Beat Bed Bugs and Other Pests entomologist, Dr. Roger Fogain says the first thing to do to avoid being infested with bugs and pests that thrive in hot, dry or humid summer weather is to determine exactly what type of uninvited guests are in your house, office or factory.

“Fixing infestation problems around the world I discovered that often people misidentify species. The wrong approach can make the problem worse and the cost of eradication and control higher,” says Fogain who has seen this happen many times.

“Once a woman who later became a client convinced herself she had bed bugs. They were actually carpet beetles, but by the time she came to me, she had already spent hundreds of dollars on insecticides, sanitizing laundry and buying bed encasings.”

Fogain’s book explains why and how bed bugs, house flies, fruit flies, cockroaches, mice, ants, and other pests show up in your home or where you work. Armed with this information the consumer is better prepared to manage the problem and determine when to call professionals.

Each chapter discusses a different group of bug or pest, giving the reader an understanding of life cycles, eating habits, reproduction, environments where they thrive and the dangers they pose.

Often referred to as the rats and mice of the insect world, cockroaches aren’t fans of the sun, but they love warmth and thrive in the summer. “When they surface from cracks and pipes to feed they can give humans more than just the chills," says Fogain. They carry many nasty human pathogens that contaminate foods and kitchen utensils.”

Some species for example live in close contact with human feces where they can acquire bacteria that carry salmonella. The German variety transmits the streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria and has even played a role in the spread of typhoid, dysentery and leprosy.

To control these disease carrying cockroaches Fogain advises:

  • Practice good sanitation through the elimination of food and water sources
  • Monitor the population by using glue boards or sticky traps
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Seal all areas where they can hide
  • Use an appropriate bait

Another insect to be wary of, says Fogain, is the Yellowjacket. The heavy bodied wasp, whose sting can lead to life threatening anaphylactic shock, becomes a big problem in late summer and autumn after the queen dies. With no more developing larvae to feed, the worker wasps switch to foraging for sugar instead of protein and are more likely to sting as they scavenge for food around garbage cans and picnic tables.

Offering one of the most comprehensive examinations of Canadian and American bugs and pests on the market, Beat Bed Bugs and Other Pests delivers short, easy to understand and apply bulleted tips and tricks. “They are designed to keep bugs and pests away from your home and office so you can be protected from disease, the destruction of property and irritants, not just summer but all year round,” says Fogain.

Industry comments about the book have started to come in. Patrick Jeffrey, Technical Director at Cannon Hygiene in Quebec, one of the largest pest control companies in Canada says, “The book is extraordinary – Bravo Dr. Fogain!”

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About Dr. Roger Fogain

Dr. Roger Fogain holds a PhD from the University of Reading in England. After a career in agricultural entomology and nematology that took him to over 36 countries in the world, he worked as a structural entomologist for one of the largest pest control companies in North America. Dr. Fogain has published numerous articles in scientific journals and has given seminars on insect and nematode control in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. He currently teaches entomology at the Canadian School of Pest Management and is the CEO of Humber Pest Control Services in Toronto.

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