Troublesome Prescription Drug Abuse Trend Revealed by ORCHID Recovery Center

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ORCHID Recovery Center shares the results of a study that point to a high degree of prescription drug use among youth.

ORCHID Recovery Center is a substance abuse treatment facility that is eager to raise awareness regarding the circumstances that can contribute to the development of substance abuse issues in order to try to prevent addiction cases from occurring. As such, the organization is certainly interested in the research that is conducted with this regard. A recent article published by Science Daily sheds light on a troublesome trend regarding substance abuse among the youth population. Here, a representative from ORCHID shares this information and encourages parents to play their part in preventing drug abuse from taking place.

The article explains that the abuse of prescription drugs has become an increasingly prevalent problem among the youth population. A study conducted by Keith King, Rebecca Vidourek, and Ashley Merianos of the University of Cincinnati analyzed the prescription drug use of over 54,000 students in grades seven through 12.

The study found: "A total of 13.7 percent of the students reported using prescription drugs—without a doctor's prescription—in their lifetime. Males were more likely to abuse prescription drugs, as well as high school students, versus junior high school students [...] The study also found that pro-social behaviors, including strong connections with parents (and their advising on the dangers of drug use), reduced the students' odds of abusing prescription drugs, along with positive connections to teachers and their schools. Connections with peers who disapproved of substance abuse also decreased student chances of abusing prescription medications." Conversely, students who were friends with other students who were engaged in the use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana were more likely to abuse prescription drugs.

A representative from ORCHID Recovery Center responds in a statement to the press: "We have long known that the environment of a child is a major influence on their decision to use drugs. This study confirms that creating positive, strong relationships with parents and other community leaders, such as teachers, is a great way to decrease the odds that a student will be affected by substance abuse. Likewise, students who maintain close friendships with teenagers who are involved in drug and alcohol use may find themselves more likely to also engage in such behavior."

The representative from ORCHID goes on to provide parents with tips for creating such strong relationships in an effort to keep their kids from abusing drugs. "The truth is that there is no way to prevent every case of substance abuse," the representative asserts, "so if your child starts abusing prescription drugs it does not mean that you failed as a parent. That said, though, there are some ways that you can reduce the odds that your kids will turn to prescription drugs. Communicate with them about their friends, their interests, and their life at school. Show them that you are genuinely interested in what they are experiencing."

The professionals at ORCHID Recovery Center urge anyone who thinks their child may be abusing prescription medications to contact a treatment facility immediately.


ORCHID Recovery Center is a female-focused substance abuse treatment facility located in Palm Springs, Florida. Through the care supplied by the facility, patients are provided with a relaxing, comfortable environment that encourages healing and a positive lifestyle. Through holistic activities, including yoga, patients are able to achieve sobriety. Additionally, they are provided with knowledge regarding healthy eating habits by experienced, trained counselors to assist them in creating a higher degree of wellbeing.

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