Hiring Recent Graduates is Crucial to Business Development, Says Jason Robinson, Waldwick Recruitment Professional

As summer brings with it a set of recent college graduates, many hiring professionals are looking at the value of recruiting these young professionals. Jason Robinson, Waldwick executive recruiter, explains the importance of considering this group.

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Waldwick, New Jersey (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Jason Robinson, Waldwick, New Jersey executive recruiter, notes the beginning of summer as one of the most challenging for those in charge of hiring procedures—mainly due to the noticeable onslaught of recent college graduates. Working in the financial sector, Robinson receives applications, cover letters and referrals from eager young professionals who have recently completed programs in everything from business management to accounting. While these young individuals possess the degrees that give them leverage in the modern workforce, Robinson notes that today’s recent graduates possess many qualities that can prove useful to a developing business.

According to a recent article from Fast Company, Jason Robinson of Waldwick, New Jersey, is not the only recruitment professional taking notice of the value today’s graduate offers. The article reveals emerging statistics that indicate significant growth in the college graduate hiring and states, “Employers surveyed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) said they would hire 2.1 percent more new college grads from the Class of 2013 than from last year’s class.”

Although the recovering national economy is a major reason why job opportunities have expanded for graduates, Robinson explains that there has been a lapse in fresh talent due to the recent recession. He adds, “Students that graduated a few years ago had many qualifications but were unfortunately placed in a really poor job market. As such, they lowered their expectations and have found themselves situated in different positions—causing many companies to need ‘new blood’ in the office.” Fast Company verifies this trend and reveals, “Thanks to the slow economic recovery, 41 percent of those who graduated in the past two years are cooling their heels in jobs that don’t require a degree, according to a survey from consulting firm Accenture.”

Apart from the general enthusiasm and updated skill sets that come from recent graduates, Jason Robinson, Waldwick professional, explains that these young adults possess different qualities that applicants did not necessarily have ten years ago. For instance, Fast Company observes that the Millennial set is “a group better known for wanting to do good than collecting big paychecks.”

“Those who have volunteered exhibit a passion for improvement, and that will often reflect in their work with the companies that hire them. It also shows an ability to create change, whether prompted or not—a skill that many corporations need to thrive in today’s competitive commercial market,” Jason Robinson, Waldwick recruitment professional observes in his conclusion.


Jason Robinson, Waldwick, New Jersey professional, is an executive recruiter for UBS, taking on many responsibilities in the wealth management field at this large financial services company. He recruits individuals who are the best fit for positions in this area, prospecting for talent through networking and one-on-one interactions. Robinson displays immense knowledge and experience in the area of wealth management as America’s head of professional recruiting. As such, he is well-versed in the areas of relationship, vendor, risk and talent management, as well as networking as a head-hunter. In addition, Robinson is equipped in the areas of technical recruiting and financial services.


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