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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing fragrant oils.

The women's fragrance industry is booming with more than $30 million of sales revenue generated annually through the sale of high-end and drugstore labels. Perfumes are not the only scented products that are available for women who wish to have a signature fragrance. The latest article by Fragrant Oils-The Scented Scoop explores the benefits and uses for one alternative fragrance product, fragrant oils.

In recent years, interest in fragrant oils has dramatically risen, largely due to the natural origins of many of these products. Many women are beginning to demand fragrance products that contain extracts from plants rather than synthetic ingredients. Precisely what is fragrant oil? Why do many consider it a natural alternative to ordinary perfumes? What types of ingredients are most commonly used in the manufacturing of fragrant oils, and from where are these ingredients sourced? What are some of the skin care and beauty brands that now produce fragrant oils?

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Many women express interest in the use of fragrant oils, but find that they do not fully understand their features. In particular, many find themselves curious about what separates a perfume from fragrant oil, wondering if it is simply a difference in nomenclature or if there are things that set the two apart from one another. What are the characteristics of fragrant oil? Are there similarities that fragrant oils share with perfumes? What differences, if any, exist between a product marketed as fragrant oil and one marketed as a perfume?

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Most women are introduced to perfume products when they are just girls and grow up with an understanding of how these traditional fragrances should be used. Because fragrant oils are only now becoming a mainstream alternative to perfumes, many women are unsure how best to use them. Where should fragrant oils be applied? Do all fragrant oils require the same application technique, or are different products produced different ways?

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When comparing their options for fragrances, women take many things into consideration beyond just the scents of the products. Fragrant oils do offer some benefits that are not commonly found in other types of women's fragrances. What are some of these benefits? Can fragrant oils improve the health of the skin, or are they simply used for their scents? Are there certain times of the year or occasions for which fragrant oils are better than perfumes?

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