Rip Media Group Releases Info Graphic: 11 Ways To Promote Your Explainer Video

Rip Media Group describes 11 ways to promote and market your explainer video, whiteboard video, or live action commercial

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

Rip Media Group a leader in corporate whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, product video, explainer video and demo videos, has released a new information graphic for marketing directors and entrepreneurs needing to create their corporate story using video.

Whiteboard animation and video production are the fastest growing method for communicating information about your product or service. Rip Media has successfully created more than 150 marketing videos, ads, and produces feature films.

"The desire to deliver a core message is the most important aspect of the video, and our clients needed help , so we released an Info Graphic to help create the story. Since we also create video marketing and ongoing campaigns, we created this Info Graphic to help companies deliver that clear and compelling message to the world. Our goal is to help companies grow," said Maury Rogow, President of Rip Media Group.

View The 6 Steps To An Amazing Explainer Video info graphic here.

View the 11 Steps to promote and market your Explainer Video info graphic here.

Rip Media Group was founded to developed creative, visual, and compelling campaigns that result in record setting growth. RipMedia focuses on increasing client sales, creating demand, and generating growth in companies as well as charitable organizations.

Rip Media Groups's mission is to expand your business with integrated marketing: motion graphic videos, whiteboard videos, live action video, and integrate website optimization, and social marketing.