According to Pacific Hospital Long Beach, Proper Communication with Hospitals Is Essential

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Pacific Hospital Long Beach, an accredited teaching hospital, is speaking out on the importance of proper communication during a hospital stay.

The team at Pacific Hospital Long Beach is lending its support to a new article that details the importance of proper communication during a hospital stay. Failure to properly communicate during a hospitalization can bring about less effective treatment, as well as patient frustration. For this reason, patients and their families must make it a point to make their needs and desires clearly known to hospital staff members.

J. Michael Horsley, president of the Alabama Hospital Association, states that research shows that communication breakdowns contribute to roughly 60 percent of medical errors. These problems range from minor to potentially serious, and emphasize the importance of a clear and open dialogue with all professionals who are caring for that particular patient.

Many people, whether they are the patient or just caring for someone in the hospital, find that making a list of questions and concerns is an effective way to improve communication with medical professionals. It is common for a person to develop a series of questions in their mind, only to forget them as soon as a doctor or nurse walks through the door. Writing these inquiries down helps to prevent this from happening, thus allowing the patient to have their questions answered. It is also important to bear in mind that there is no shame in asking questions that may seem silly or obvious. Inquiries such as “Why am I taking this medication?” or “What will the procedure feel like?” allow a patient to feel more comfortable with the happenings during their hospital stay.

The professionals at Pacific Hospital Long Beach explain, “Doctors and nurses do their jobs day in and day out, so something that may seem fairly obvious to them could leave a patient or their family stumped. In order to ensure that both medical professional and patient are on the same page, the individual should not hesitate to ask questions of their doctors or nurses.”

In addition to asking questions, sharing information can help make a medical professional’s job easier, thus allowing for more effective treatment for the patient. Even bringing up simple observations, such as a change in eating habits or energy levels can make it easier for a doctor or nurse to customize a treatment plan that works for that individual.

Finally, it is essential that a patient and their caregivers understand any instructions that a doctor issues. This includes medication dosages, dietary restrictions, and necessary follow up appointments. Complete understanding allows a patient to execute the medical professional’s wishes fully, thus making recovery as easy as possible.

The team at Pacific Hospital Long Beach encourage patients and their families to take notes as the doctor is issuing instructions, thus ensuring that they will not forget these words upon returning home.


Pacific Hospital Long Beach is an accredited and recognized teaching hospital. Each year, the facility’s osteopathic postgraduate training program offers 26 interns and residents the chance to get a hands-on look at treating patients more effectively. Pacific Hospital Long Beach currently offers residencies in internal medicine, dermatology, and family practice.

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