European Union Funded Campaign Flavor Your Life Discusses Extra Virgin Olive Oil References in Historical Literature

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Flavor Your Life reviews mentions olive oil and olive trees in ancient literature.

On June 29, Flavor Your Life, a European Union funded campaign, highlights olive oil and its mentions in historic literature.

Although extra virgin olive oil had not yet been developed during ancient times, other forms of olive oil have been used in ancient civilizations. There have been numerous examples of how olive oil was used in ancient cultures, and how valued it was. Many of the civilizations that valued olive oil were found surrounding the Mediterranean.

References to olive oil can be found in books as old as 1000 B.C. The Bible was one piece of literature that made references to olives and olive trees.In the Bible, the olive branch represents a symbol of peace. In the story of Noah’s Ark, after the great flood Noah released a dove from the ark he had built. The dove returned with an olive branch which not only showed a sign that the dove had found land, but also signified peace between Man and God.

Homer, a popular poet, often mentioned olive trees in the Iliad and the Odyssey. For examples, weapons were made from olive trees to battle the Cyclops. The weapon that eventually defeated the Cyclops was a large olive branch stuck through the monster’s eye. Since there was an olive tree growing through the house of Ulysses, his bed was carved straight into it. Homer also created a scene where Ulysses was washed and covered in olive oil.

Flavor Your Life, a campaign supported by the European Union, Unaprol and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, is dedicated to providing the latest in industry news and health information about European extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil enhances the flavors of your recipes while providing health benefits. Flavor Your Life campaign, the voice of olive oil production quality control, aims to educate consumers so they can make informed decisions when purchasing olive oil.

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