Automobile Child Safety Tips to Remember

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Earlier this month, released disturbing news which pointed to 8 children losing their lives due to heat exposures inside automobiles. Child safety is always important and prevention and knowledge is key, so here are helpful tips from Comedy Driving, Inc. concerning children and automobile safety.

A child being left in a car is bad in any weather condition, but in the heat of the summer a misjudgment can turn deadly. Parents need to do their best to keep watch over their children in these sweltering conditions, especially now in the hot summer days. Vehicle safety is of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, children are forgotten in cars in situations such as a schedule change; where the normal caregiver does not perform the standard routine with the child. Instead, it may be someone that does not regularly have the child. In this instance, the person in charge may go to work out of habit and forget the child inside the car.

One way parents, or those in charge of children, can avoid this type of situation is by writing reminders to themselves about the child being in the vehicle, either on paper or on their most utilized mobile device. There is even a blue-tooth 4.0-tracking device that parents can put on a child’s clothes that will notify a parent when they move a certain distance away via their mobile device. Also, try setting an alarm on the mobile device that would alert every couple of minutes as a reminder.

Parents should also place their daily bag of necessities or cellphone next to the child in the backseat outside of the normal front passenger seat. Placing the things a parent needs to grab anywhere near a sleeping child in the car will serve as a safety mechanism to remind a parent that a child is with them.

Do not rush when going places. Make sure that whatever chore is being completed that day there is enough time to complete it so that there is no rush. To be on time and perhaps early does not make one rush and concentrate their complete thoughts on only their final tasks. Always remember, the child in the back seat is of the most important. If possible, adjust the rearview mirror to where it will put the child in view every time that mirror is viewed. There are so many things that can be done to avoid a very tragic incident.

Children are so curious and often get into things they shouldn’t. This includes a parked car in the driveway. For example, children could be playing with friends and they may jump into the car to hide, and it doesn’t take long for heat stroke to occur.

Children watch their elders’ open and close doors from the outside so many times and may conclude they can as well, but how many times does a child observe their designated door being opened from the inside. Children may become trapped when they realize they do not know how to open the door from the inside. Safety for children around vehicles comes from adults teaching a child about vehicle safety. Take the time to go over different scenarios with a child in case they happen to get trapped inside a vehicle is wise. The best way to avoid accidents with parked vehicles is to make sure that all vehicles in the driveway are locked.

A Texas defensive driving course, such as Comedy Driving, teaches students that running a quick errand and leaving children inside the vehicle can also prove dangerous even if the vehicle is left running. Think of the different consequences that may occur in this instance; a child can put the car in gear or someone could steal the vehicle. The child should never remain in the car alone. It does take some time to unstrap the child and then have them sit down again to put buckle them up. But that is so much better than leaving the child alone.
Take moment to write a note, lock a door, or even taking the children inside with you can make all the difference.

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