Cosmetic Must-Haves - Primers and BB Creams Presented by Beauty Research

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Beauty Research, a beauty blogging web site, published an article today discussing BB creams and primers.

New trends are constantly emerging in the beauty industry, but sometimes, fads have nothing to do with new colors or ways of wearing makeup. Every few years, new products break out onto the market that revolutionizes the industry and helps women greatly improve their appearances. These types of products are the ultimate must-haves, as they allow women to get more professional results from the cosmetics that they use at home. The latest article by, Cosmetic Must-Haves, discusses two such innovations: primers and BB creams.

Primers have been used by professional makeup artists for years to extend the lifespan of makeup looks and reduce the need for reapplication. Recently, top skin care brands have introduced primer formulas that contain cutting-edge ingredients that allow them to promise healthier and more youthful skin. These new primer formulas do more than just keep cosmetics in place; they can lead to long-term improvements in a woman's appearance. What makes these primers so special? Precisely what are the benefits that they offer, and what ingredients do they contain? What brands are known for producing must-have primers? To find out, visit or click

While primers can greatly improve a woman's appearance and make cosmetics easy to apply, getting great results from the products requires using them correctly. Without the right application techniques, women simply may not get the results which they are hoping. What is the right way to use a primer? At what point in a woman's beauty regimen should she apply a primer? Should primers be used with other cosmetics products for the face, and if so, which ones? To find out, visit or click

BB creams were first introduced in 2011, and almost immediately, their formulas created a buzz among makeup artists and everyday women alike. These cosmetic creams are designed to address multiple skin concerns to improve the appearance of the complexion. What specific beauty issues do BB creams correct? What are some of the best beauty creams on the market? Why should women use BB creams, and are they appropriate for all types of skin? To find out, visit or click

Like primers, BB creams require correct application to work properly. Most often, when women are displeased with the results of a new BB cream, it is because they did not use the formulas correctly. What should a woman look for in a BB cream? How much of a formula is necessary to improve the appearance of the complexion? Do women still need to use foundation and concealer when applying a BB cream? To find out, visit or click

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