Parenting Book Addresses Raising Successful Children in a Modern Society

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Current society lends the need for a new kind of parenting, one that prepares children for the realities of the life that lies ahead. Joe Wilkins, a licensed professional counselor, wrote How To Raise Successful Children, a book that offers an innovative perspective on parenting to enable children to not merely make do, but thrive, when presented with life's challenges.

The recent acceleration of social change in America is rendering many of the old ways obsolete.

All parents run into issues with their children. Many new parents are initially uneasy about the task presented before them. Watching the news these days, many parents are nervous about the problems their children will have to face as adults. There is good news for those parents who wish they could give their children a "suit or armour" that will protect them when they have to face life's problems.

There's a new book out, How To Raise Successful Children, that offers help for new or prospective parents, and those whose children are already travelling down life's roads.

The author, Joe Wilkins, is a retired licensed professional counselor, with 32 years experience dealing with the mentally ill, addicted people, families, and others in individual and group counseling and therapy. Joe's experience comes from working with severely dysfunctional folks, most of whom were the "victims" of poor and inadequate child rearing practices. From their misfortunes he has observed that many child rearing procedures produced troubled children, ill equiped to cope with our modern, rapidly changing world. In times past children could be raised in ways that served families well, but the recent acceleration of social change in America is rendering many of the old ways obsolete.

There is now a need for parents to produce abstract thinking, assertive children with solid emotional skills. Modern children will need to learn to handle the inevitable suffering they will face in their lives without it debilitating them. They need to develop their spirituality, and learn to handle alcohol and drug usage. Sex and marriage will present challenges to many. Managing money and weight control seem to be forgotten skills. And getting into the proper job/career that meets one's interests and abilities is extremely difficult without specialized knowledge.

How To Raise Successful Children is available on For many people this book will offer solutions that will help parents in interaction with their children--and just might be of use to some parents with their own problems.

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