City Bikes Races to LED Lighting with Energy Saving Solutions USA

Anniversary Celebration Includes Lowering of Electric Bill

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"They are a neighbor of ours and they are dedicated to providing excellent service just like we are."

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 29, 2013

In the midst of celebrating its 11th anniversary, City Bikes figured there was never a better time than now to examine what it was spending on its electricity, specifically, as connected to lighting.

Its store, located in Aventura, Fla., was projected to total more than $8,000 in lighting electricity costs over the useful life of its lights. With a sincere desire to bring that number down, City Bikes brought in Miami, Fla.-based Energy Saving Solutions (ESS) USA for the answer. ESS ultimately recommended the store switch to LED lighting.

After a careful analysis, ESS revealed it could reduce City Bikes’ lifetime lighting electricity costs to just under $1,900 – representing a $6,000-plus savings.

“Any time you can save that kind of money for a retail business like City Bikes, it bodes well for the consumer,” said Peter Stein, Founder & CEO of ESS. “The business will just have that much more money to put back into customer service.

“It was clearly a natural fit for us to be involved with City Bikes. They are a neighbor of ours and they are dedicated to providing excellent service just like we are. And, like ESS, they consistently offer great prices and personalized attention.”

About Energy Saving Solutions:

Energy Saving Solutions USA – the creators of the LED with a lifetime guarantee ™ – provides businesses, government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations energy-efficient LED and induction lighting technology that is designed to save money and help reduce the environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions. The Miami, Fla.-based company also offers organizations the Forever Green Savings Program ™ which allows for a conversion to LEDs with no up-front costs; payments are based on a portion of their electrical savings.