National Coatings Surface Master Announces Color Sale

National Coatings Inc. offers half price shipping for new orders of their surface sealant in “navy” color during July. View

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) June 30, 2013

Order The Surface Master surface sealant in “navy” color during July and shipping will be cut in half, says [ National Coatings Inc., distributors of the popular product. The reduced shipping offer applies only to new orders received during that month, they add.

The company’s latest promotion is designed to showcase the full range of colors which their popular product now comes in, says company spokesperson Paul Webb. “Several great new colors were recently added to our product lineup, and this is a simple way to help draw attention to our quality sealant,” he adds.

Webb notes that consumers are also more likely to put sealants to broader use for beautifying and protecting surfaces when offered a savings incentive.

“Property owners and business nationwide can take advantage of this limited time offer by phoning (888) 243-2032,” he adds.

About National Coatings Inc.

National Coatings Inc. markets quality surface sealants designed to protect, seal and repair concrete, wood floors and other surface areas in both residential and commercial structures. Relied upon by homeowners and businesses across the nation, the firm’s premier product, The Surface Master, comes in a variety of colors plus a clear coat. The Surface Master is also safe, durable, resistant to chemicals and easy to use.

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