Tips for Dealing with Spiders in Maine

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Maine Bed Bugs and Pest Control provide tips to help Maine residents get rid of spiders and enjoy their homes a bit better this summer.

The wet, humid summer months bring a lot of bugs out of the ground and the woodwork. Pest control specialists in the region will get calls regarding everything from ants and spiders to mosquitos and bed bugs. One of the first concerns for many homeowners is the possibility of illnesses being transferred by the pests. People want to live in a clean, safe home. However, no matter how clean a home is kept, bugs will always find a way inside. Many avoid using their decks and patios to enjoy the outdoors during the most opportune time of year, because they are sick of being bit repeatedly by mosquitos. These few tips from a Maine exterminator will help people enjoy inside and outside their home once again.

For dealing with spiders in Maine, one of the most important things to keep in mind when finding spiders in a home is that not all spiders in Maine are harmless to humans. Maine does have its share of black widows and brown recluses. Homeowners who kill a spider in their home should not immediately sweep it up and throw it away. It is a good idea to keep that spider to show to a pest control expert so that it can be identified and the threat properly assessed.

Another important thing to keep an eye on to help alleviate problems with spiders is that clothes are not left on the floor. This provides ample space for a spider to hide right out in the open. Also, get rid of bed skirts and make sure the sheets and blankets on the ground do not touch the floor.

Before putting on hats or shoes, people should make sure to shake them out, dislodging and potentially napping arachnids.

A thorough inspection should be done both inside and outside the home. A few things to look for include rotted out wood, gaps in seals such, and holes in and around caulked areas. These provide access for spiders to set up nests or lay egg sacs.

Homeowners should also try not to stack wood or building materials close to their home. This can provide an area for spiders to set up a habitat and puts them very near the home.

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