Advice on Keeping the Energy Bill Low this Summer from Georgia Heating & Cooling Company

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Paramount Plumbing Heating and Cooling in Georgia provides some tips on beating the heat and saving some cash this summer.

Keeping the energy bill low during the hot and humid Georgia months can certainly be a challenge. With these tips from experienced Georgia heating and cooling specialist, Paramount Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling LLC, saving money this summer gets a whole lot easier.

Consider investing in a high tech thermostat. Ranging from as little as $20 to a bit over $100, there are some really neat advances when it comes to newer model thermostats. They are easy to install, but they are much more capable than the thermostats people relied on for the past twenty years. Today, homeowners can install a thermostat that allows one to set the temperature according to the time of day. More expensive models allow people to set different temperatures by time for different days of the week. For a little bit more, thermostats can be installed that can be programmed and activated right from one’s smartphone, tablet, or internet connection.

Homeowners can also benefit from adding blackout curtains to their home. These are made of a heavy material designed to keep the sun out of the house. They can range in price from about $5 on clearance to about $30 or $50 depending on the style and look. The curtain should be a little larger than the window it is designed to cover and can be installed over top of existing curtains and blinds or replace the old ones entirely.

Another great option is to consider having the HVAC system within the home redone. New technology permits for zone control within the home, where temperatures can be programmed based on the different room. For example, a guest room that is not in use can get away without being cooled to the same level as the kitchen, living room, or master bedroom while no one is using it. Newer heating and cooling systems also tend to be more energy efficient.

Homeowners should also be sure to have their air conditioners and heaters serviced yearly. The HVAC specialist will do a thorough inspection, change out filters, clean necessary components, and otherwise make sure the unit is running properly. Clogged filters and vents cause the unit to work harder than it should, which causes it to run more, eat up more energy, and fail sooner. With regular preventative maintenance, residents can be confident that their cooling systems are working at max efficiency and that they won’t be waiting for days during the hottest part of the year when other people who did not take proper precautions are waiting for someone to come fix their A/C unit.

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