Interior Painting Tips from Pristine Painting & Decorating

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Illinois painting contractor provides helpful advice on interior painting tasks for the consumer.

A lot of do it yourself jobs can end up being a lot more complex than originally figured. These tips from experienced painting contractors at Pristine Painting and Decorating should help homeowners take a bit of the guess work out of handling their own interior painting projects and prevent a simple project from turning into a big headache.

Testing out the color is one step a lot of people seem to overlook. People see the color on the computer, on a swatch, or in a brochure and will like it and want it at home. Some may take the step of painting a single line or two down the wall to see how it looks once it dries. Another useful technique is to paint a piece of foam board and move it around the room and place it against the wall to see how the light is going to affect it. This simple step can help prevent painter’s remorse later on down the road.

People often forget to properly patch and clean walls before painting. Paint and primer do not adhere properly to dirty surfaces. Home owners should be sure to thoroughly clean the walls before they start painting. Usually, some soapy water will do the trick—no need for any expensive cleaning solutions. At the same time, be sure to patch any holes in the wall, sand and clean the area around them before beginning to paint.

It is important to know what type of paint is already on the walls before painting over it. Oil and latex paints do not work well together. For one trying to paint latex over oil or oil over latex, the walls should be sanded to help the new paint stick properly to the walls.

Homeowners handling their own painting should be sure to have the right tools and buy extras. Buy extra paint brushes, roller covers, etc. If one of these gets dirty, falls apart or does not come properly clean, the spare will be readily available rather than requiring a extra trip to the store in the middle of the work. To save a bit of time, utilize the bucket inserts with a roller screen rather than a paint tray.

For cleaning brushes and roller covers, soapy water works best with latex paints. For oil-based paints, people will need to use a solvent to clean brushed and rollers. Letting the paint sit too long without cleaning it off painting tools such as brushes and roller covers will render the items unusable in the future.

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